Sunday, 1 April 2012

Chilly Morning.

       Good morning to you all.I love it first thing in the morning when I have got up before everyone else and there is not a sound to be heard but the birds waking up and the kettle boiling for my first cup of tea of the day,I just have to have a cuppa before I start my day do you?whats yours tea or coffee? I drink coffee most of the day but tea it is first thing.I have cut down a lot on caffeine I drink herbal or fruit teas more now than I used to and I'm starting to get a liking for them again as I used to drink them most of the time a few years ago,don't know why I stopped really.
     Its a bit chilly here with a light frost this morning but it is bright, sun shinning birds singing so it may be a good day we will have to wait and see I just hope we don't get the snow at Easter that everyone is talking about.My little garden is looking so pretty everything is coming on lovely I see a change in it most days and think the snow would do a lot of damage to our little plants now,
     My hubby has a spinal condition that is playing up at the moment worse than it usually does so we wont be going anywhere today he trys to get about as much as possible but sometimes he just has to give in,so I think it is a day to give him lots of TLC and just potter about the house doing nothing much.I have pork out for dinner and fresh veg's so if I get them prepared I could just sit and keep hubby company and sew good idea me thinks.What are you going to be doing today? take care and have fun and I look forward to reading your posts later.
                      Love Jill xx


  1. Your weather sounds much like ours here in the Dales Jilly. Gardens coming on nicely but no doubt wondering what has hit them this morning with a sharp frost. The blackthorn is out here and we always say we get a Blackthorn Winter, so I expect that this is it. What am I doing? Light gardening this morning, walk by the River Ure to see if the sand martins have arrived after lunch. Enjoy your day and give his back a good rub from me.

  2. Coffee first thing, and then a mix during the day.....Love a bit of Sleep Easy at night :)

    Sounds a wonderful quiet day planned, hope that your OH is soon feeling better. Enjoy your Sunday, Jill.

  3. Hi Jilly !! Oh I don't hope that snow is going to come. It's so lovely having the Spring flowers in bloom at the moment. The apple is full with buds, so no snow please !!!
    I love my coffee in the morning, but I must say that I love herbal teas too. I drink them in between. Now a large mug of rosehip tea is waiting for me ; )
    Have a wonderful day and good health to your husband !!!

  4. I've just finished my morning cup of Swiss Mocha Coffee - my daily treat. The rest of the day it's decaf tea for me as caffeine makes me edgy. I'm finishing off 3 days of "teen sitting" and will head home after I change the bedding as the grandparents are taking over now. It's was so cold and rainy in March, but now it's April 1st and I'm REALLY hoping it will warm up now. Cathy & I are starting a count-down (4 1/2 months until we leave for our trip) and we've been making hotel arrangements for Liverpool and Oxford. Enjoy your dinner - I was thinking pork tenderloin would be a nice Sunday dinner today!

  5. Hey Jilly
    I love that first cup of tea in the morning..we take turns in making it, always wakes me up nicely.....
    I have felt cold all day today even though the sun has been out most of the time, got quite use to the higher temp.... Hope your Husband feels some relief soon! Have a great week... Take Care Julie xx

  6. Black coffee for me. I don't like tea, I don't even like the smell of it. :-)

  7. i always have lemon tea in the morning although recently i have been having hot water with a slice of lemon and brewed with sage (fresh and dried) for my hot flushes!