Saturday, 21 May 2011


          I have spent a lot of time pottering about my little garden this week,an hour here and there and am pleased with the out come.It is more like a little court yard so my neighbour tells me because there is only a little patch of lawn with my plants around it.there is a building to one side of it that does not belong to us and is not in good condition but I cannot do anything about that,I just have to put up with it.
   My lupins have come out and if I do say so myself they are beautiful,first year they have flowered I planted it 4yrs ago.

   My little bath tub and jugs of herbs are coming on as well .
   I do have some  more herbs dotted about but also lost some with the bad winter.

   Just a few more wont bore you with all pics I took.
   This one is a little oak tree,my eldest grandson and me planted an acorn about 3yrs ago and this is the result,Billy is over the moon with it bless him.

Blue bell woods.

   Tuesday evening I went for a walk in our local bluebell woods I never saw another human only the wildlife,rabbits, pheasants,birds and a deer rather a large one.I often see them while out on my walks but im sure this one was playing with me.One minute he was infront of me then he was behind me then to my left and then to the right,then he ran off making the strangest noise,it sounded like someone with a really bad cough,strange.The bluebells where just beautiful like someone had rolled out a carpet of blue,and the aroma was heaven I could of stayed there all night.

Just a few of the pics I took on my walk.