Thursday, 21 March 2013

Beautiful morning.

 It is a beautiful morning here in the little village,frosty very cold but guess what,the sun is shining whoop whoop !!. I don't mind that it is cold and frosty just as long as I have a little sun and blue sky it makes me feel like there is some hope for the spring to arrive after such a long dark winter.
  I am going to get on with some cleaning today sweep all the winter out the door,I did start yesterday (not that my home is dirty) on the top floor just another 3floors to go.I do like to give everything a good scrub and polish to see everything shining bright it gives me a good feeling to see a room all fresh.Windows are already open even tho it is cold it wakes you up good and proper a bit of fresh air especially when it is Yorkshire air,the birds have been fed, the washing is in, the beds stripped the bathroom has being cleaned and its only 8.45am this girl is on a mission today.
  Hope you are happy in what ever you are doing today and the sun is shining in your part of the world,have a lovely day see you all soon.
Love Jill xx

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Spring Equinox.

      Hey folks its Spring Equinox tomorrow,we should start to feel warmer and the days should be longer oh what bliss !! I will start to plant my little pots up this next few weeks so that they will be bright and cheerful for the summer time cos its not far away now you know,I am in a very positive mood can you tell, she says with a big big grin on her face.
   After missing slimming world for 2 weeks off I went this morning dreading getting on the scales 100% sure that I would of put at least 5lbs on after picking on things and eating lots of sweet things and I had lost 2 and a half pounds,I was jumping for joy.I have now lost 1 stone 4and half pounds and very pleased with myself, chuffed to bits I am.
  Well that's it for now short and sweet.Hope you are all well and warm.Love Jill xxx

Sunday, 17 March 2013

What was it ??

    Good evening bloggers hope you are all well.
    A couple of weeks ago I had a strange experience which something very similar has happened again tonight.I do believe in the spirit world and that there is an afterlife and that when I die my loved ones will be there to meet me,I'm not getting all weird on you here promise. As I said a couple of weeks ago I was in the bathroom I had just had a shower and was running a bath for Grandson Billy,the door was shut and I had my back to the door as I was just stood doing nothing but watching the water run,when I felt what I thought was someone touch me on the hip.At first I thought Billy had crept up behind me to make me jump but when I turned around nobody was there and the door was still shut.No I was not scared by it I have felt things before but this was definitely a I felt a touch touch if you know what I mean.  Now tonight as I have sat at my dressing table to dry my hair after yet again just getting out of the shower,I had a feeling of someone putting their arm around me as if to comfort me,and in a strange way it did.Nobody was upstairs no windows open for a draft to have blown across me I have thought of all things like that,it wasn't the heat from my hairdryer as I had just switched it off, it was a feeling a comfort feeling.
  I am putting it all down to stress and the spirit world letting me know that everything is going to be ok and that things will get better,I do hope I'm right.There maybe another explanation for it I am open to any suggestion's that anyone may have.I have had feelings before of my face being touched and a medium once told me it was my Grandma giving me a kiss which I thought was lovely and maybe it is her that is comforting me,thank you Grandma if it is you I love and miss you .
  Well !!! now I have told you about that and you know a bit more about me I'll have a moan about this cold flaming weather we are having,just when is it going to go away????I am fed up of feeling cold and I  mean cold, freezing cold.For months now I have had a cold patch on my back and it just wont go away.I wear a t shirt and camisole under my tops that I have on as well as a jumper and I still feel it,is it old age creeping upon me, should I be wearing a shawl,l I do sometimes when I am sat and feel cold.WHEN ! we get some good weather and it starts heating up a bit I will not feel it but just when is it going to happen ? It started off here today dry with the odd blue bit of sky and a ray of sunshine but it did not last long before the gray sky put in its appearance and that was it sleet ,rain cold more cold and more rain,real misery weather which is what I think I am turning into a misery,always moaning about the weather I'm getting fed up of hearing me moan,so please can we have some sun and I promise I will never moan again.
  I am going to warm some milk up now and go to my bed and read my book my Mum has given me ,it is called Breaking the silence and is by Diane Chamberlain I'v not read any of her books before so its all new to me.
Hope you all sleep well and are keeping warm,night night sleep tight.Love Jill xx