Friday, 3 December 2010

Family addition.

   We have a new addition to our family today a kitten.She is five months old nearly black a very very dark brown with the most adorable little face and big green eyes.We have put her in the porch at the moment where I have put her a basket with blanket to keep her warm.litter tray and water.The lady we got her from is a nurse at our local vets and rescues cats so she has given me lots of very usefull tips of how to deal with her so I will do everything I can to make her feel welcome and wanted in our home.I dont want to frighten her with the camera yet but I will post some pics when I have them,I have called her Patchouli after my love of patchouli essential oil.
    We did get more snow over night but not any more today.The weekend is upon us so next week may bring better weather.
    Keep warm everyone xx

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Start of a new month.

                                This is the very pretty views I have around me at the moment.It snowed on and off during the night and the same all day.We managed to get to our nearest town for some fresh food so dont need to worry now about going out. More snow is forcast for the whole country I think so we are all in the boat (as they say).I hope you are all keeping warm and dont have to travel to far and if you do take care and safe journey.I am thankful that I do not have to travel anywhere far at the moment,am enjoying pottering about in my home sitting in front of my cosy log burner with my t lights flickering and a good book,what more can a girl ask for.
      Stay warm all xx

Monday, 29 November 2010

My boys

This is a photo of my beautiful grandsons that I managed to get them to lie still for,not for long though,they are cheeky monkeysbut I do love them so

Snow report.

               These are some pics of the snow around me at the moment,my poor little bird house looks very nice but I had to clear it so the birds could get at the food I put out for them.My water butt is just visable with 2ft of snow around it,I had to clear a little path to the bins  but not to much didnt want to disturb it to much it really is a lovley sight to see.
   I have got just a few bits and bobs of my christmas decorations out today cos all this snow is making me feel even more christmasey than I was,so I will have to post  some pics.
   Bye for now keep warm xx.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Even more snow.

         Even more snow and even more to come.Its only 8 months since we had some this year,I am begining to think that we are going to have snow all winter now.We went to our daughters yesterday to take somethings for them and ended getting stuck there for the night. We all pulled together and had a good time though so it didnt matter,we got home this afternoon after a hour and half journey that should of taken 15mins,never mind better to get home safely.We are not going anywhere now until the roads do not have a flake on them,could take a while.
     I have plenty of pottering in my home to do and lots of christmas prezzies to wrap so I will not be bored.I may even be able to catch up on some reading if im lucky fingers crossed on that one.
Let you know how much more we have tomorrow.Bye for now keep warm xx