Friday, 26 November 2010

More snow

  I am up and about early this morning,i woke up at 530am and could not get back to sleep,so up I got kettle on telly on for the forcast and yes we are to get more snow.It has snowed during the night and our roads are covered again very pretty if you dont need to go anywhere.
  I have just realised the time my posts are posted is wrong,it is way out must findout how to change that (bit slow at seeing that).
  Going to go and make my hubby and son bacon buttys for breakfast now,back soon.xx

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Thursdays weather.

It snowed more during the night so our little village is white,the sun keeps coming out and smiling at us but then it snows again.Oh well I dont need to go anywhere for a few days plenty in the fridge and freezer to keep us going so i will not be venturing very far.I have a nice pile of ironing to keep me going for a few hours and plenty of pottering in the house I  can do so not going to be bored,will miss my little grandsons if I dont see them for a couple of days but I will put me wellies on and get wrapped up and walk to see them.They live a couple of villages away from us its about six miles away so easy enough to walk it and its a very pretty walk through woods and along the river so im not put off.
  Cup of tea then some ironing, may keep me warm cos the temperature is minus 1 so it is cold.
   Bye for now xx

Wednesday, 24 November 2010


    We have snow in our village tonight.It has snowed on and off all day and very cold but this t time it has got worse.It hasnt changed tempreture all day, 0 degress all day,and its a lot colder tonight.Forcast to be worse tomorrow 4inchs of snow they are saying,we will see in the morning.
     Night night all sleep well and keep warm x