Friday, 30 December 2011

New Year is coming.

         Hi my friends,hope you have all had a lovely Christmas and enjoyed time with your families.I have had a lovely time spending time with my family and friends and I have to say I have eaten and drank far to much.Those poor scales at slimming world will moan and groan when I get on,never mind cannot undo what is done so just got to get on with it.I don't usually make resolutions cos I cant keep to them but this new year I am and I'm going to do my hardest to stick to it.I have got to start and make time for me to give myself a little time each day to do what I want even if it is only sitting with a cuppa and switching off for a while.I only ever do stuff for me when everyone is settled for the night and I'm to tired to do a good job of what I want to do(if ya get me meaning).I have realised that I start to get a bit moody if I have to stop what I'm doing and do something for someone else which is not good so I gotta have me time then everyone is happy.I used to go out every day for a good 4 mile walk when we had a dog( Bilko) and I felt better in myself and slept better also so that is another thing I'm going to do start walking each day,that will probably  be my me time,thinking time, clearing head time,sounds good to me.
      I now can not wait to get the Christmas tree and Decs down,I know I am miserable but I just don't like the time between christmas and new year all I want to do is give my house a good clean and get back into some sort of routine.I have been known to take them down on new years day before now but I wont do that this time Ill wait till the 2nd LOL. Tomorrow I will get my washing and ironing done and potter about the house doing a bit of cleaning and then sit with hubby in front of the fire with a nice bottle of wine or two or, no better not make it three,and see the new year in.
      I wish you all a very happy healthy new year,I thank you all for your lovely comments this year and look forward to next years news on all your blogs.Take care and keep warm.Lots of love and blessings to you all from Jill xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Monday, 26 December 2011

Kinect !!!!

   Having fun with a bottle of red wine and a kinect game,FUN. Hope you are all well and happy.
    Love Jill xxxx