Sunday, 26 December 2010

Merry Christmas.

     Merry christmas to all,I do so hope you had a wonderful magical time.We spent the day at our daughters with her lovley little family,the boys where so excited it was amazing to see their little faces,I love them all so very much.Snow as well just made it,although we thought we might not get there but nothing would stop us.
     Now to look forward to the new year and a new start all the promises we make to our selves wonder how long they will last this time.
     See you in a couple more days with love xx

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Xmas shopping completed.

    Today it started to snow again and more to come,so hubby and me decided it was best that we went shoping for our christmas food shop.It was a bit of a journey in the snow but not dangerous.We went to morrisons store about 30 miles away from our little village,it wasnt to busy we must of picked a good day to go,so now I just have to get some fresh vegs,bread and milk later on next week,thank goodness it is all done. It was quite a ride home in the snow but hubby got us home safe and sound, he is my hero but dont tell him.
   Last night I got my prezzies all wrapped so that is done as well now so pretty much organised just need to sort a few bits and bobs in the house then time to relax and enjoy phew!!
   Went to see my eldest grandson Billy in his nativity play earlier in the week and it was lovley,lots of very proud mums and dads with tears in their eyes my daughter and me two of them.
    Well thats it for today I am tired and need to go to my bed cuddle up with my book and drift off into the land of nod,hopefully.Night night all sleep well and keep

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Ever changing skys.

   These are some pics I took while out and about yesterday (fri 10th)then at t time from my kitchen window.I feel very lucky that I can get out see mother nature change from one minute to the next.

  Enjoy cos I sure did. Bye for now ,take care xx

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Mistake on last post.

  Dont know how I managed to send two of each photo on my last post must of been a senior moment ,please forgive me I am still getting used to doing this.Better luck next time .xx

Oh its so cold.

       We had more snow last night all of 6inchs,tractors with ploughs on have gone through the village but no gritters so not much movement in the village apart from on foot today.I went out with my camera but it was so cold didnt stay out long. It was so peacefull everything seemed not to move just the wild life trying to find something to eat,poor things. I ventured down to the river and took some wonderfull photos of the icicles on the cliff wall it all looked so magical I could of stayed looking at them for hours.
      Our little kitten sure has made herself at home here,she follows me around jumps on my chair when I stand up as if to say "thanks for warming the seat for me"we have only had her 5 days and she has me wrapped around her little claws,bless.
      My grandson Billy has had to have time off school as it had to close due to weather so hes spent most of his time out in the snow.How come when you are that old you dont seem to feel the cold and the bumps when your sledging but as you get older you feel every pebble under the snow and the cold hurts?
     The boys eyes light up when you talk about christmas and santa coming its just wonderfull to be with them Im like a child myself when I think of christmas morning with them opening their presents.oh I just cant wait.
      Here are a few pics I took today out in our little village and some of our kitten Patchouli.

      Bye for now and stay warm and safe xx

Friday, 3 December 2010

Family addition.

   We have a new addition to our family today a kitten.She is five months old nearly black a very very dark brown with the most adorable little face and big green eyes.We have put her in the porch at the moment where I have put her a basket with blanket to keep her warm.litter tray and water.The lady we got her from is a nurse at our local vets and rescues cats so she has given me lots of very usefull tips of how to deal with her so I will do everything I can to make her feel welcome and wanted in our home.I dont want to frighten her with the camera yet but I will post some pics when I have them,I have called her Patchouli after my love of patchouli essential oil.
    We did get more snow over night but not any more today.The weekend is upon us so next week may bring better weather.
    Keep warm everyone xx

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Start of a new month.

                                This is the very pretty views I have around me at the moment.It snowed on and off during the night and the same all day.We managed to get to our nearest town for some fresh food so dont need to worry now about going out. More snow is forcast for the whole country I think so we are all in the boat (as they say).I hope you are all keeping warm and dont have to travel to far and if you do take care and safe journey.I am thankful that I do not have to travel anywhere far at the moment,am enjoying pottering about in my home sitting in front of my cosy log burner with my t lights flickering and a good book,what more can a girl ask for.
      Stay warm all xx

Monday, 29 November 2010

My boys

This is a photo of my beautiful grandsons that I managed to get them to lie still for,not for long though,they are cheeky monkeysbut I do love them so

Snow report.

               These are some pics of the snow around me at the moment,my poor little bird house looks very nice but I had to clear it so the birds could get at the food I put out for them.My water butt is just visable with 2ft of snow around it,I had to clear a little path to the bins  but not to much didnt want to disturb it to much it really is a lovley sight to see.
   I have got just a few bits and bobs of my christmas decorations out today cos all this snow is making me feel even more christmasey than I was,so I will have to post  some pics.
   Bye for now keep warm xx.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Even more snow.

         Even more snow and even more to come.Its only 8 months since we had some this year,I am begining to think that we are going to have snow all winter now.We went to our daughters yesterday to take somethings for them and ended getting stuck there for the night. We all pulled together and had a good time though so it didnt matter,we got home this afternoon after a hour and half journey that should of taken 15mins,never mind better to get home safely.We are not going anywhere now until the roads do not have a flake on them,could take a while.
     I have plenty of pottering in my home to do and lots of christmas prezzies to wrap so I will not be bored.I may even be able to catch up on some reading if im lucky fingers crossed on that one.
Let you know how much more we have tomorrow.Bye for now keep warm xx

Friday, 26 November 2010

More snow

  I am up and about early this morning,i woke up at 530am and could not get back to sleep,so up I got kettle on telly on for the forcast and yes we are to get more snow.It has snowed during the night and our roads are covered again very pretty if you dont need to go anywhere.
  I have just realised the time my posts are posted is wrong,it is way out must findout how to change that (bit slow at seeing that).
  Going to go and make my hubby and son bacon buttys for breakfast now,back soon.xx

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Thursdays weather.

It snowed more during the night so our little village is white,the sun keeps coming out and smiling at us but then it snows again.Oh well I dont need to go anywhere for a few days plenty in the fridge and freezer to keep us going so i will not be venturing very far.I have a nice pile of ironing to keep me going for a few hours and plenty of pottering in the house I  can do so not going to be bored,will miss my little grandsons if I dont see them for a couple of days but I will put me wellies on and get wrapped up and walk to see them.They live a couple of villages away from us its about six miles away so easy enough to walk it and its a very pretty walk through woods and along the river so im not put off.
  Cup of tea then some ironing, may keep me warm cos the temperature is minus 1 so it is cold.
   Bye for now xx

Wednesday, 24 November 2010


    We have snow in our village tonight.It has snowed on and off all day and very cold but this t time it has got worse.It hasnt changed tempreture all day, 0 degress all day,and its a lot colder tonight.Forcast to be worse tomorrow 4inchs of snow they are saying,we will see in the morning.
     Night night all sleep well and keep warm x

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Christmas shopping

      This must be a first for me,middle of november and apart from 3 little prezzies and a few stocking fillers to find my christmas gift shopping is done,it really is a good feeling to think that i do not have to worry about it a few days before the big day.Now i am so looking forward to decorating my house and wrapping the prezzies knowing the stress is over.
     A few years ago a good friend showed my daughter and me how to make christmas wreaths of our own.We collect ivy ,holly, fir cones and bits and bobs from the woods and have a lovley day making wreaths for our doors and garlands for the fire place,and if i do say so myself they always look lovley.I bought a fake tree four years ago when my eldest grandson Billy was crawling around because of the needles dropping from a real tree and sticking to his little knees and hands, and i think it is going to come out this year cos little scott is crawling around now,it is a good one,in fact two friends did think that it was a real one,just wish it smelt like one.I have had a sort thro my essential oils and mixed some for a room spray and pot pourri so my house will smell like christmas especially when i light the christmas yankieand barn candles i have,can you tell i am looking forward to it all,just wish i had someone who would do the food shopping for me.

Sunday, 24 October 2010


    October has nearly gone and this is my first posting,had so much family stuff going on not had time to sit and blog.This morning we are having a lot of hail stones rain and a bit of sunshine peeping thro but not quite getting there, its not as cold has it has been but still cold.
    We still have not found our dog Bilko,it is very sad to think that he has gone and we dont have a clue as to what happened to him,maybe it is better that we dont know.
    Next weekend we have halloween to look forward to,I think my interest in witches and magic gets carried away a bit at this time of year cos i do like to dress my house and get ready for the children knocking for trick or treat.Im going to make some cakes and treats for my grandsons this year as they are a bit older and will love to get into halloween this year, Billy likes spiders and creepy things now just like all little boys.I think a halloween party maybe calling.
   Then we will have christmas knocking at the door it is not far away now.I always have great promises to myself in the new year that i will get organised better than last year and when it comes to this time i have nothing done,i have ordered a couple of prezzies for two of my friends but that is as far as i have got.The best part of christmas for me is wrapping prezzies up with all the lovley paper and adding ribbons and bows and watching the childrens faces as they open them,its just bliss.
   Well its taken me all day to write this post as i have kept getting disturbed and not a lot written,must be telling me something,so i will say bye for now and get back tomorrow.xx

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

September days.

The summer days are now over and the days are getting shorter,I dont like the dark nights so am making the most of the few nights we have left before the clocks go back and we are in with curtains closed from 5pm and long, long nights. The bit i do like is getting the log burner going,candles all a light and to snuggle up under a blanket with a good book,oh and a glass of wine,nice!!
   My time over the last 10 days have been took up with looking for our dog Bilko.I was out walking with him in our local woods and he ran off chasing something and I havent seen him since.Dont know weather he has ran off to far and hurt himself ,is stuck somewhere or cannot find his way home but I have searched and searched for him ,people in our village have helped and are still keeping an eye open for him,I just dont know may just turn up one day,but it is a sad home without him.
  My eldest grandson Billy,went back to school earlier this month start of his first year,he has been through his reception year so now he tells me he is a big boy at real school.Lewis is 2years old later this month and starts nursery in october he is looking forward to that,then there will only be little Scott to come through my door in a morning to give me kisses and cuddles,oh i dont like them growing up.Its my birthday later this month and think I will just spend the day snugled up with them all.
  I now must sign off and start dinner for the men,one thing I do like about winter is cooking nice pots of stew,big pots of home made soup and yummy cassroles,lovley.We are having braised steak tonight so better get on get it all prepared.
    Bye for now xx

Saturday, 28 August 2010

We had a wonderful day at chester zoo on thursday with our boys,they had a brilliant time so did grandma,was just magical to see their little faces watching the monkeys up to their tricks,good day all round and the weather was good only one shower enough to wet the windscreen on the way home,so cant be bad!
The weather has turned out nice for us again today,lovley to get up and have that fresh smell come thro the door first thing the dew on the grass,just wonderful.Shopping today,only food tho,better not go into any favorite shops and buy nic nacs im running short on places to put things,but better not let hubby hear me say that,i can always change things around pretty good at that.Think ill go do some,see ya soon xx

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Sun shine.

Hi we have sun shine today hope it lasts the whole day.Washings on the lines ironing board still in place from last night just me to get myself motivated to finish the huge mountain and then what is on the line,ooh to have a maid to do it for you must be very nice.
   I love sewing when i get the time,and have just seen some lovley curtain material that would look nice in our spare bedroom so i may just have a go at making some,havent actually made curtains before so dont know how they will turn out but if they do look nice i will post a picture on of them.
Now to get on, see ya later bye x

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Hail stones

How come its august and we have hail stones? Dont think i have ever seen hail before in what is surposed to be summer there is a first for everything.It feels more like the middle of september but that is my favourite time of year,along with spring.Fresh mornings,colours of the trees are changing,leaves starting to fall and time to light the log burner for the chilly evenings, oh and my birthday in the middle,lovley jubbly.
   Hope the weather is going to be kind to us on thursday,we are going to take our two eldest grandsons to Chester zoo,i dont know who will enjoy it the most grandma and grandad (know as dan dan) or the boys.Just love to see the boys enjoying themselves,plenty of photos i think.
 Well even tho it is 1015pm i am going to have to do a bit of my rather large pile of ironing before i go to my bed and cuddle up with my book,best time of the day me thinks.
Bye for now night night xx