Friday, 20 December 2013


                            Blessings for Winter Solstice to all my friends in bloggy land .
                            Hope you all have a magical Christmas, keep warm my friends.
                            Lots of love Jill xxx

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Finished project.

I have had this throw on the go for nearly a year now and decided it was high time it was finished. Now I have about a million other projects to finish so better get me bum off this seat get on with the house work then I can finish those as well. Hope you are all well my friends. Love Jill xx

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Over the last few days I have taken photos of the sea at different times of the day, these are a few of my favourite hope you like them. Love Jill xx

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Robin Hoods bay.

Hi friends, I have again being absent from blog land for far too long, I do hope you will let me off !!! I now am free from the dreaded boot that was part of me for 13 very long weeks. I was beginning to think I was never getting rid of Frankenstein. I'm still having physio, starting  rehabilitation classes next week to strengthen the muscles in my leg and my tendon, I'm getting there its slow but sure.
This week I have being house sitting for some friends who have gone to Dubai for a holiday. The house is in a lovely village, Robin Hoods Bay on the coast not far from Whitby North Yorkshire. Its a little fishing village with like many a village in Yorkshire, a very steep hill to climb. The top of the hill sees lots of different houses which a lot of them provide B&B for the visitors. On the way down the hill and at the bottom you can find lots of lovely cute little lanes to wander along looking at all the quaint little cottages steeped in history and character. There are so many of them its like being in a  colourful happy story telling little warren. I went for a walk with my Mum yesterday which was lovely because she and Dad spent a lot of time down in the Bay when they were younger so it brought back lots of precious memories for her. As we wandered around I took lots of photos on my phone and thought that you may like to see a few of them, I wont post them all just a few of the ones I thought deserved to be seen.

 As you can see there are lots of lanes, unusual door ways and pretty little houses.

 One of Mum deep in thought.

 Grape vine growing along a wall and laden with fruit at this time of the year.

 Hope you have enjoyed the walk around Robin Hoods Bay with me, I have a few days left here yet so I will be going down the hill again, I will see what other photos I can take to show you. Hope you are all fighting fit and enjoying life. Take care my friends love to you all, Jill xxx

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

My September.

Hello my friends how are you all ? My September was a month like all my summer months this year it came and went with me doing not a lot because of my foot. But the one thing that gave me great joy and certainly put a massive smile on my sorrowful face was going to see Fleetwood Mac !!!! Oh WOW, was they special. I have waited more than 37 yrs  to see them and it was well worth the wait, I'll tell you. They were everything and more of what I imagined them to be, Stevie Nicks just has the most haunting voice its just magical to sit and listen to, I cannot describe the atmosphere it was just incredible . We went to the O2 on the Wednesday night when Christie Mcvie  came on to sing with them, what a surprise that was, We had heard that she may do one appearance but didn't think we would be there for it, oh it was fantastic when she came on stage the cheers from the crowd was just deafening, brilliant to be there. I will always remember the evening as one that was very special to me. My friend Frankenstein (the boot) came along as well unfortunately, I am still wearing him although I can go for a while in the house now without it on as long as I take care not to over do things. I have now had 3 sessions with the physio and have lots of exercises to do  daily so things are looking up, in a couple of weeks time I will be down at the physio's gym doing a lot more so fingers crossed in a couple of months time I will be back walking around and Frank will have being well and truly ditched.                                                                                                                                            
   I had my birthday on the 19th which was a very quite day just spent at home with hubby relaxing we went for a meal the evening before with our son which was lovely and a real treat. We went to the next village to ours, Egton Bridge which is a lovely little place  with a smashing pub called The Horseshoe Inn which I highly recommend if you are visiting its lovely.

      I have ventured outside just up the lane not very far from our house which was a treat, I would usually take only about 15 Min's to reach the top of this lane but with the boot on it took me 35 Min's, not good, but it was lovely to see the autumn outside of a car window.  The sunshine on the river, the trees just starting to change colour, the berries on the trees and the little squirrel I spotted gathering his food for the winter, oh I do love this time of year.

   Well I will sign off now, say good night, take myself off to bed with my book and check in tomorrow to visit your lovely blogs.
Night night friends hope you all sleep well. Love Jill xx

Wednesday, 11 September 2013



      Well !! If things do come to try us I think we are all tried out. Friday last week brought us bad news and a flood. We where sat having a cuppa about 3pm when the rain started to come down heavier than what it was doing. Hubby got up to look out the window at the river running down the front street and commented how bad it was and the rubbish it was bringing with it. He then looked out the back kitchen window and saw that we had a waterfall running down the steps onto the garden bringing the slate and gravel that makes up the path with it. We went out to make sure the drains where not bunged up with gravel but they just could not take the amount of water that was coming down. Living at the bottom of a steep hill we get a lot of water in our garden but it usually manages to drain away. We lifted the manhole cover that is in one part of the garden to help but it was coming down so fast it wasn't doing any good. I went down into our cellar which is our utility room and the men's work shop, and stepped into water, I had gone down to get some tools to help with other drain covers. By the time we had lifted the covers and got back down stairs the cellar was knee high and rising, it was pouring in through a hole in the wall which we didn't know was there behind a pipe. The drains just could not cope with the amount of water there was coming down. By 345pm we had to phone the fire brigade to come and pump us out it was awful no amount of bailing out with buckets was going to do the job more was coming in than was going out and my boot was full. They where fantastic and we will never be able to thank them enough for their help. We have managed to dry and clean the cellar thank god it was just dirty water and not sewage that came in. Lots of things in the cellar where OK but I had boxes of stuff for the car boot fairs that I had sorted out  and going to sell next year which have had to be sorted and most thrown away. We have said more than once that we feel very lucky that it was the cellar and not the sitting room and kitchen that got flooded even though it is bad enough the cellar.
 In the middle of the drama of the flood my Mum phoned to tell me that my cousin had died. We had been expecting the news as she had been very poorly in hospital so it was only a matter of time bless her. Janice had cancer and was such a very brave person while she was poorly and through out her life really as she had suffered with ill health on a number of occasions, some people do suffer and she is one of them and she really did not deserve it such a quite lady would never have said boo to a goose or called anybody she really was a sweet pure lady and only 61 yrs old.
  My appointment with the consultant for my leg only brought me more stress as I have to have the boot on for a few weeks more !!!! I have to have intense physiotherapy as the doc put it, and that will wean me off the boot. I cannot wait to take it off for the last time and throw the thing in the bin,
all I want to do is walk around normal, go out in the woods and touch the trees and feel the fresh air and wind blow through my hair, it all sounds normal but when you have not had a walk all summer it is a dream, but when I think of poor Janice its nothing is it. I have been patient with it up to now for 6 and a half weeks so a few weeks more will be nothing I suppose, I will have freedom one day !!
   Sorry to moan to you all, you are all good listeners and I'm thank full that you are there. I am just hoping that with the run of bad things that have come our way this last 11 mths it is all over now and that things can only get better, I don't  think I have any tears left in me now. Love Jill xx

Monday, 26 August 2013

Leg /foot.


                Just a quick post to thank you all for the kind comments you left on my last post and to update on my leg/foot. I have now got my date to see the consultant which is not until the 10th September by then I will have had this boot on for 6 weeks. I saw my G.P. last Thursday and he thinks I could well have it on for up to 12 weeks, I think I'll be pulling my hair out by then ( not really) Iv had enough of it now after only 4 weeks. It is so heavy and hot in this lovely weather we are having, its awkward to go up and down stairs and is starting to get a bit sniffy now, I don't have smelly feet but this boot is giving me one foot that is, oh the joys. I was only saying to my mum the other day that I have always had such great admiration for the poor people who have artificial limbs having to fasten them on and deal with such a lot but now I really do admire them even more after having this thing on strapping it up each morning, I know it is nothing like what these poor folks go through but it really makes you sit back and think that bit harder about them Ill tell you. I hope I don't have to have it on for 12 weeks because that will take me way past 25th September when I go see Fleetwood Mac and that will disappoint me after looking forward to going since march, oh well its only a boot !!! just have to put fresh ribbons on and maybe a nice long floaty skirt will hide it, but no dancing tut tut.
     Now something I should of told you a few weeks ago now. I won a giveaway from a lovely lady Leanne over at
     Tales of Simple Days . I was over the moon with my little parcel when Mr Postie knocked at the door to deliver it. The little owl earrings where inside the rabbit tin which is so cute. I once had a charm that was very similar to the owls that went missing and I never found it so these will always be special to me. There was some nice chocolate, a lovely little sign with Home written on it which is much nicer than it looks in the picture, a pretty t towel and some rose soap which is in my handkerchief box to make them smell loverly.Thank you again Leanne for everything and I'm sorry I have taken so long to post about them.
    Well that's it for now my friends I will leave you in peace and go and see what you have been up to. Hope you are all well and happy,Love Jill xx

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

                Hi there my friends, I'm sorry Iv not posted for a long time but we have being going through such a sad difficult time that my head has not felt like blogging or doing much at all if I am honest. All is well with hubby and myself  but we are having such a hard time with our daughter it really has been breaking our hearts. Any way enough said I'm back not feeling happy but I'm back and going to try to get back into my blog and visiting yours I have missed you all and now have a lot of catching up to do.
      At the moment I cannot get out and about because of my leg, as you can see from my photos below its not good. We had nipped out to have lunch 2 weeks gone Sunday, we where just walking back to the car about 10 meters away from it when I felt like I had been kicked in the back of my leg around the calf and ankle. After hobbling to the car and getting so far home hubby decided he was taking me to the hospital. After quite a long wait I saw the Doc who said that it is my Achilles tendon that I have hurt, he sent me to have a pot put on and see the consultant in 2 days time Tuesday in fracture clinic. The consultant said that he doesn't know what damage I have done until I have a scan which I have on Thursday this week. He took the pot off and gave me this boot to wear which works the same as a pot does. So there we have it 2 weeks and 2 days up to now with this leg out of action then after my scan it will be another 2 weeks at least before I see the consultant again, all august gone with me out of action ,just great. It could be worse I suppose I am not grumbling because I have my health apart from this, it is just so awkward to get about with it on, but at least I can take it off to get showered. I sat and looked at it when the nurse put it on and commented what an ugly looking thing it is and that I would have to do something about that. Out came the box of ribbons and sparkley bits when I got home and the result is quite pretty don't you think? the little bit at the top of the boot is where I have to blow it up inside to give extra support.
                                         A very ugly boot, don't you think it looks like part of Frankenstein's leg?
                                          Much better now !!
       So there we are that is me fed up because I had started going out for good walks again most days to help with my weight loss which I am pleased to say is going in the right direction. Since the new year I have lost 2 stone 6lbs,last week I lost 8lbs and this week 2 and half so not getting about because of my leg has not put weight on. I have now got out of the back of the wardrobe some of my clothes that I could not fit into and looking forward to the ones that are further back which are another size smaller, so I do have something to smile about it is not all doom and gloom. I would like to loose another stone and a half then I will be happy with my weight and out of the over weight bracket that is always getting talked about. We do worry about how we look don't we but I think it is about health as well as looks and I am starting to feel a hell of a lot healthier now the weight is coming off, not out of breath going up stairs and up hills is a big difference. I'm still not eating meat which I'm sure is a big part of feeling better in myself my diet has changed a lot and I experiment with food a lot more now than I used to, my skin is looking better and fresher some how, I don't sleep much but that is because of worry but I don't get tired as much as I did before so all in all I'm doing ok.
       Now I'm going to go make myself a cuppa and then sit with leg up on settee and wander through your blogs. I'm sorry I haven't visited for a long time but I will now, Iv missed you all.
Lots of love to you all Jill XX

Monday, 24 June 2013

Super Moon.

Good morning friends, it was far to cloudy to see the lovely lady moon last night not a chance at anytime, I was in and out like a mad woman in between the heavy showers to see if it was going to clear. About 8.45pm I spoke to Mary to see what she thought about us venturing out but she said the same as me "Not a chance". This picture I have got off the net this morning I chose this one because of the lovely reflection in the sea its quite beautiful. There will be other super moons to see it is not the only one and for now I am satisfied with the image I have of her the other night as we came out of the woods it was wonderful.  
                  I came across this little picture the other day which made me smile, just thought I would share it with you all. I often think that maybe instead of living in airy fairy land I should grow up and start acting like a responsible adult, but its not as much fun is it, LOL, what do you think???? Do you think that you should act your age or have some fun ??
      Have a fun day bye for now. Love Jill xxx