Tuesday, 15 November 2011

R is for Railway and Rural.

This is my first contribution to ABC Wednesday
I am so looking forward to being part of this weekly meme......I am also very fortunate in having Denise Nesbitt  as one of my best friends, so I can't wait to meet so many of the lovely bloggers she speaks of  x.

We live near a steam railway,it is in the north Yorkshire moors and is a very pretty journey,my 3 grandsons love it,always listening and looking for it.

Whilst on holiday in Glastonbury we visited the Rural life museum,I found it very interesting and loved all the kitchen equipment they used although I am glad I do not have to use it as I'd never get time for blogging.

Hope my first contribution will be read with interest and I look forward to reading lots of other contributions.


Sunday, 13 November 2011


       We have now had a week at home since our weeks holiday and I could do with another one now,I feel like my poor feet have not touched the ground.I have looked after my grandsons most days this week while Mammy and Daddy have worked,then had Scott's 2nd birthday party to go to,then today I did a little tea party at our house for him,sandwiches,sausages on sticks,cakes jelly and ice cream,short bread,and birthday cake with candles the works,well you are only 2 yrs old once.Also got caught up with my holiday washing and ironing so this is the first time I have had time to sit down to show you my pics and tell you what I got up to,although I have had a couple of quick looks at what you have all been up too.
        We stayed in a little lodge in Pilton village near Glastonbury.It was very pretty ,very quite as there was nobody else staying there (8 little lodges altogether)just the sound of the wild life it was like our own little retreat.The photo below is the view from the front porch it was so beautiful to open the curtains to the sunshine each morning at the beginning of november.I also sat out there at night in my PJ s it was so mild.
          On our first day I sent the men off for the day so I could have time to myself just wandering around Glastonbury shops on my own.First though I met fellow blogger Kath over at "Hillside cottage" blog.My friend Denise has been a blog friend of Kath's for a number of years now and asked me if I would meet her to pass on some goodies for her quilting while I was in the town.We met for coffee in a cafe called Mocha berry which was very nice,lovely to meet someone I have exchanged comments with in blog land.Kath gave me a few pointers of which shops to visit and where to go while we staying there,I very much enjoyed our chat and hope we can meet again one day,thank you Kath.
     I then went on my way felling all relaxed and chilled out around the shops,here are just a few of the shops I went into.The outside of this one is so pretty with all its crystals and lights it looks so magical.

    These candles are outside my favourite shop Star Child, last time I visited Glastonbury I spent most of my pennies in here stocking up on incense,candles etc,this time I did the same buying myself and my daughter Maria our zodiac sign incense and little pots to burn it in,I bought myself oils candles and a book so I came out of there a happy girl.I did buy lots more goodies in other shops but I wont bore you with the long list.

          This lovely fairy tree house is in a toy shop window and is fantastic,I know 3 little boys who would love to play with it,come to think of it I know a Grandma that would love to play with it (he he).
I think this church is lovely,I have a thing about churches and thier yards .

         We went for a wander at night around the town it was very magical with all its lights on.

     This telephone box made me chuckle as we passed it on our walk around town before heading for the Tor (yes I let the men go there with me) on the second day.
               I think this little place looks lovely with all its bits and bobs around the door.
               I was quite emotional when I reached the top just because I was there, it took my breath away it is such a peaceful spiritual place to be.
             This pic is taken inside looking up,beautiful I think.


          After the Tor we visited the Chalice Well,well what can I say that hasn't already been said.This place is just out of this world,so peaceful,so beautiful,very spiritual it made me cry.As I  walked around I felt such comfort and at peace with myself it was beautiful.We all took our shoes and socks off and walked in the healing water and drank from the fall.

      I have a love for trees and just think these are wonderful,they look like they are dancing to the sound of silence.

       I hadn't got a candle to light and place here so I wrote a little prayer and tucked it in safe,do hope it gets read by somebody.

          The Well its self looked beautiful all decorated.
               We said we must come back in the summer one year to see the gardens in all their glory,they must be outstanding.

           We then went around the Rural life museum which was very interesting.
                   I love this bath,could just imagine bathing the little ones in front of the fire in it,cute.

          Not to sure about sitting in a line on the loo though.

         Glad I dont have to do my washing with these,

            This is taken inside the barn a bit chilly but stunning.
              Back into the town and this little cottage caught my eye,its called The in between  cottage,it looks very pretty.
           We went to Street while there,thats a nice town with some nice shops one which sells doc martin shoes and boots.Hubby spotted some doc wellies for me,they are called festival wellies because they where made specially for Glastonbury festival and where less than half price so hubby bought them for me,will post a pic of them when I wear them,cannot wait.
      Well I think I may have bored you enough for today so will sign off for now and return later with some more pics of our visit to Brighton and London.
         All take care and keep warm.Love Jill xx