Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Dentist update.

We had a lovely drive to Scarborough this afternoon the sun was shining the wind was blowing the trees and leaves gently falling to the ground,they looked beautiful swirling  around the paths and roads in their golden colours.I don't have to have anything done at the dentist thank goodness,she took an xray of the crown that has bothered me and cannot see anything wrong I have to use a sensitive toothpaste, apparently I am brushing away my gums as I have very good oral hygiene I brush to much,ya cant do right for doing wrong can ya!!
  I have spent a couple of hours sewing in my little room cosy and happy a few more squares sewn together for a quilt,I'm sat now posting this in front of the fire with a glass of wine and just about ready for my bed,so I will say a good night to you all and hope you all sleep well.
Love Jill xx

Mother Nature.

Well !! isn't that just typical,when I last popped in about 2hrs ago I told you it was a yuckey morning,it isn't now i'ts beautiful.We have blue skies and sunshine so it will be quite a nice drive to Scarborough this afternoon. I'll pop in tonight to let you know how I get on at the dentist.
Bye again for now,love Jill xx

Quick post.

       Hello bloggy friends hope you are all well and warm.Its a real miserable day here today in North Yorkshire,no sunshine no blue clouds just grey skies and drizzle, yuck!I have a few jobs to do this morning when I can get myself out of the seat where I  am nice cosy warm,then its a trip to Scarborough for the dentist this afternoon.Scarborough is only about 20 miles from us but on a day like today it seems 120 miles away.I am having problems with one of my teeth that is crowned it hurts when I have a hot drink and now the weather is cold the cold air is making it hurt so Id better get it sorted.Then its back home to cook dinner for tonight and then I'm having a few hours in my little girlie attic room sewing,hubby and son have a film they want to watch tonight so I can just disappear and do what I want,WHOOP WHOOP!!!!!.   I bought some materials yesterday to make a quilt cover for my friends granddaughters cot and some for a quilt I'm going to make for my middle grandsons bed,and Iv also started a quilt for my nephews little girls bed, so Iv got plenty to keep me happy and out of mischief for a while.
   Whatever you are doing  I hope you are keeping warm and have a good day.
   Be back soon take care of yourselves love Jill xxx

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Q is for Quintessentially English.

           I sat earlier today wondering what I could post about for ABC Wednesday the letter Q,nothing really sprung to mind,I made myself a cup of tea and if Id had any cakes in I would have had one but seen as I'm on my diet again no cakes are in the pantry,but I could just of eaten a cream scone,ahhhh cream tea how Quintessentially English I thought just the post for ABC.  So laptop on table cuppa in hand quick browse for pictures of English looking images and this is what I found, well a few !
Post box.

                                Croquet on the lawn.
                    Strawberries and cream.
                     Cricket tea on a summer afternoon.
                       Emmmm !Could jut drink one of these
                      Oh I would love to have a chauffeur to drive me about in a car like this.
                      And live in a country house like this.  I think I should of been a lady of the manor with the day dreams I have.
                  A little cottage like this is maybe more suited.
 An English church for Sunday morning worship.
                              Morris dancers on the village green.
                             Followed by cream teas in the sunshine.

China tea cup and saucer.

                              The mouth watering fruit scone with jam and cream. 
            All of these spell out Quintessentially English to me do they to you?
            Hope you are all well and warm.Love Jill xx