Monday, 27 August 2012


            I don't know what is the matter with me today all I am doing is bursting into tears all the time.I was up early after having a awful dream that my husband was having an affair and all my friends knew about it and nobody told me his woman did,so as you can imagine I woke up really upset and shaking from head to foot.I know that my hubby isnt having a fling with anyone cos he never goes any where without me so thats not likely is it.I sat with my first cup of tea on my own and burst out crying thinking about this flaming dream and then the pussycat didnt want to sit on my knee so that made me cry and I then dropped son Jacks packed lunch on the floor so I started again.
    I was in the shower an hour later and I may as well have turned the shower off cos I was crying enough to rinse myself off,where is it all coming from.  I hung my second load of washing out  that went without any tears but when I was hoovering our bedroom the dam belt snapped on the hoover so off I was again.I could not find the spare band and hubby didnt know where I had put it,its in one of my safe places which is so safe I dont know where it is.LOL ! So I had to continue hoovering the house with just the nozzle on which is hard going so yes more tears came.I had to continue hoovering because Patchouli pussycat is dropping her fur every where and as she is a long haired cat it shows up really bad.I made a coffee and had a talk to myself about pulling myself together before hubby caught me sobbing, he already thinks my hormones are working over over time.
   It worked for a while until I had a cd on while I was ironing and Eric Claptons Tears from Heaven came on and I was off again,the song is so sad and always reminds me of when my lovely grandma died so you can imagine the state I was in.Im now sat with a big box of tissues typing this and tears streaming down my face,WHY!!!! I must be going mad cos Iv not got any thing to cry about must be the hormones.Does any one else get days like this or is it just me????
         Hope you are all having a lovely bank holiday without crying.
         Love Jill xx