Saturday, 11 December 2010

Ever changing skys.

   These are some pics I took while out and about yesterday (fri 10th)then at t time from my kitchen window.I feel very lucky that I can get out see mother nature change from one minute to the next.

  Enjoy cos I sure did. Bye for now ,take care xx

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Mistake on last post.

  Dont know how I managed to send two of each photo on my last post must of been a senior moment ,please forgive me I am still getting used to doing this.Better luck next time .xx

Oh its so cold.

       We had more snow last night all of 6inchs,tractors with ploughs on have gone through the village but no gritters so not much movement in the village apart from on foot today.I went out with my camera but it was so cold didnt stay out long. It was so peacefull everything seemed not to move just the wild life trying to find something to eat,poor things. I ventured down to the river and took some wonderfull photos of the icicles on the cliff wall it all looked so magical I could of stayed looking at them for hours.
      Our little kitten sure has made herself at home here,she follows me around jumps on my chair when I stand up as if to say "thanks for warming the seat for me"we have only had her 5 days and she has me wrapped around her little claws,bless.
      My grandson Billy has had to have time off school as it had to close due to weather so hes spent most of his time out in the snow.How come when you are that old you dont seem to feel the cold and the bumps when your sledging but as you get older you feel every pebble under the snow and the cold hurts?
     The boys eyes light up when you talk about christmas and santa coming its just wonderfull to be with them Im like a child myself when I think of christmas morning with them opening their presents.oh I just cant wait.
      Here are a few pics I took today out in our little village and some of our kitten Patchouli.

      Bye for now and stay warm and safe xx