Friday, 25 November 2011

Craft night.

      Two weeks ago my friend Denise started running her own craft classes and invited me along.The first week we made some christmas cards and this week we made indoor wreaths.We used a wire ring and wrapped strips of  plastic carrier bags around it then bubble wrap to make it nice and chunky,we then wrapped strips of material around and added ribbon bows and bits of  sparkles ,all looked very nice.Next week we are going to make out door wreaths I am looking forward to seeing how Denise is going to make these as I have been making my own for a few years now to hang on my door and to take to the cemetary for my Grandma and Dad,so this year I will be able to take them one a little differant.
      I am feeling quite sorry for myself tonight I have a cold coming on and its made me feel yuk today.Hubby and me went food shopping this morning and I just couldnt wait to get home,which is not like me I usually say lets just do this or lets just nip there while we are out but not today.We got home had some soup and sat in front of the fire. Hubby watching some thing or other on the tv, me sat sewing ,pussy cat Patchouli curled up in front of the fire all made a lovely picture for a misrable afternoon outside.I am now going to have a drop of brandy just for medicinal purposes you understand and go cuddle up in bed with my book.Patchouli will follow me and curl up at the bottom of the bed as she does when I go to bed she stays there a while then goes tip toeing about no doubt looking for mischief.I found her the other day curled up in my wardrobe on the shelf where my jumpers are,she must like the smell of them ,as I wear Patchouli oil all the time they will smell of that ,this is why pussy cat is called Patchouli.
These are the cards I made.

And this is my indoor wreath.

Just had to add this one of Patchouli curled up in her basket infront of the fire.
      Well I will go get that brandy and will bid you all a good night.Hope you all well and keeping warm.Love Jill xxx

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

S for Sounds of Silence.

 I have always thought myself very lucky to live in the countryside where you can escape the sounds of every day life in a town or city .At the weekend I was in Bradford with My dear friend Denise.We stayed in a hotel not far from the centre,I could not sleep (not even a wink) this was not because Denise snores (maybe the odd grunt,sorry Denise) but because I am not used to the sounds of the town. People talking in the corridors as they passed our room ,talking outside beneath our window,cars beeping horns and sirens going past to emergencys .No I am used to the sounds of silence when I go to my bed, just the clock ticking, pussy cat Patchouli tip toeing about the house, the sound of the owls out side all -  comfort sounds that lull me to sleep, most of the time. So as you will probably guess I would not swap my sounds of silence for the hustle and bustle of life in the city.

Are you a country or a town person? What comfort sounds do you like?

Hope you are all well,Love Jill xx

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