Sunday, 11 September 2011

Car boot finds and garden.

I did have a tootle down to our local car boot and as predicted a few things just wanted to come home with me.I planted some static in a pot in the garden but not much became of them so I just had to buy 2 bunches 50p each is not to much, will hang in my kitchen and cheer me up on the dark days to come.

I'm afraid I just cannot leave a car boot without buying a book or two.
This one was 50p and the one above £1.

Two packets of beads for 50p which will come in usefull for decorations on my sewing.

I love this little basket and seen as I don't have a purple one I could not leave it where it was ,£5 I payed for it but  it is sweet.Im going to make a little patch work blanket for pussy cat Patchouli so I thought she might like to curl up in this basket with it.She does'nt go to sleep in a basket just curls up any where at the moment but as winter comes she may like this one.

This is my little crop of tomatos from my 3 plants,most of them are small diddy things but I did not want to leave them out any longer as they are not in a green house and I thought with the winds we are having they are getting battered a bit.I will leave them to rippen, if not may have to give them to my friend who is into making chutney at the moment or I could have a go myself.

My daughter bought us this rose tree for our silver wedding last year,these are the only flowers this year but are very pretty and smell fantastic.

These next pics are ones I have taken just to add to my album before the plants are finished for the year.It does'nt seem long ago that they where all sprouting up in the spring time,the year has certainly gone very quick I think.

My pathetic crop of static.

See the big foxglove in the middle,it has'nt flowered this year hope it does next.

This evening I have lit a few candles for all the people who lost thier lives in 9 11 ten years ago.God bless them all.

             Hope you have enjoyed my post,take care of yourselves.Love Jill xx


     I didn't sleep to well last nigh( it seems to be quite a habit I have got into) first my brain just would not switch off then there was people outside the house talking very loud just as I was nodding off which  annoyed me and then I started thinking about the weather warnings we have had and wondering what I should do in the garden today just in case the BIG winds do appear.I  could not get to sleep at all after thoughts of my poor little garden getting battered and bruised and my pots at the front of the house getting over turned,yes my mind went into over drive and got a little carried away,I did eventually drop off for a couple of hours but have now been up and about since 530.I am just having half hour flicking through some of your lovely blogs then I am going to go and start sorting out the garden just in case.Its quite windy this morning but the sun is shinning for now,the sky is quite bright so I may get some washing out as well and I think I may have to just nip to the local car boot see if there is a little something just wanting me to bring it home and give it a nice place to live after all we are coming to the last few weeks of car booting now would be a shame to miss out.
    Well with all that to do I had better get a shift on and do it.Hope you are all having a lovely weekend and don't get to much bad weather.Take care love Jill xx