Saturday, 9 March 2013

Spring !!!!!

     Hello friends hope you are all well.This pic brought a smile to my face today when I spotted it just wish that it felt like it.Tuesday was a lovely day here in the little village the sun was shinning it was warm in the sunshine and there was no nasty cold north wind for a change. I was outside most of the day sorting out the pots at the front of the house,my lilies had got a bit pot bound and I should have done them last year but never got round to doing them so while it was nice I emptied the 2 pots out and replanted the bulbs into 5 pots all nicely spaced out,I just hope that I have not killed them off fingers crossed,I got lots of my little plants looking a bit happier with themselves and looking forward to the spring..When I get outside pottering I never know when to go back in again, I ended up doing all kinds of jobs including washing the windows scrubbing clean the window sills and steps cleaning the doors and sweeping the front and back paths.At 5.30pm I went in side and hubby said he fancied fish and chips from Whitby for dinner,(Whitby is only 15 Min's drive from us)In the car we went off leaving the sun shinning and by the time we got 1 mile down the road it was foggy, in Whitby you could not see a hand in front of you,what a different world it was.The lady in the F&C shop said it had being like it all day and it was forecast for the next few days,she could hardly believe it when I said it was beautiful at home.  The last few days have seen fog and more fog and today rain and more rain gray nasty sky's and not looking as if it will go anywhere soon.
      I have not been a good blogger lately Iv not had much good stuff to blog about,we have gone through a very stressful time of late and my head has being in a bad place with all that has gone on but I am now starting to feel that there is not much that I can do anymore about the stress so I have to pull myself out of the dark place Iv got into.Life does bring us some stress at times doesn't it? but somehow we just struggle through it and hope to come out the other end a stronger person I think I am stronger and wiser just hope it is going to get better.(I feel like I have told you this before,probably have.)
     I have not done much sewing lately just bits of this and bits of that not finished anything,so that is what I'm going to get stuck into as much as I can to take my mind off things.I have 2 quilts to finish off one I started before christmas and one I started about a yr ago.Then I want to do a denim one for my sons bed and one for a present.I am going to make some pj bags for the boys for  here and at home,so I have lots to keep me occupied as well as looking after hubby,son,house and garden and not forgetting my boys when they are here which is not as much as I or they would like.
    I have being going  to slimming world the past few weeks and lost a few pounds and then put a few on but I am still 1 stone 3lbs lighter than I was in January so I am pleased with that.I have tried new recipes mostly vegetarian ones as I am not eating meat at all now,I haven't stopped because I wanted to but because I just don't fancy meat anymore.I am enjoying trying new recipes for myself and still cooking for the family as usual it does takes up more of my time but I feel like I'm doing something for myself as well if you know what I mean,I am having veg moussaka for my dinner tonight and the men folk are having gammon and veg's.
    I'm going to go start the dinner now and make a cuppa,then after tidying up later its bath and pj time,feet up and sewing in front of the fire with the curtains closed and the weather can do what it wants.Hope you have a lovely warm cosy night in or a good time if you are going out.
    Take care of yourselves,love Jill xxx