Friday, 29 March 2013


    Just popping in to tell you we have it again today,you know that big yellow lovely thing in the sky that is called sun.Its lovely here but very cold it was -3 when I got up at 6am but its warmed up a bit .There are visitors in the village heading for the steam train and walkers out and about enjoying the sun.I'v been to see grandchildren with their Easter eggs this morning before they head off to see other grandma in Hull,they got tucked into some small ones we had bought them and keeping the big ones for when they return on Sunday,chocolate faces all round how lovely to be a child at Easter with all that chocolate and not to worry about the weight it will cause,LOL.By the way I lost another 1lb at slimming world again this week.
   Have a lovely day folks and if the sun is shining on you, enjoy !!!!!
Love Jill xxx

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Shock !!

     Please be seated before you read this post!!!

Today I have been in great shock,why I hear you say.It is because when I drew the bedroom curtains this morning I thought I saw just a hint of sunshine,oh I got so excited I can tell you I quickly ran and got showered and dressed and went outside and yes up in the great big space where there has only being gray sky I saw bits of blue.I felt like I had awoken in another country.
    This afternoon we had to go into Whitby and then to Scarborough and we did it in sunshine,the sea even looked a little blue, a nice spring looking blue,the sun was shining on Whitby Abbey and I could feel myself squinting as I drove I thought I was going to have to put on my sun glasses it was getting so bright,the temperature even got past 5degrees the frost light went off on the dashboard.This evening as we drove home the sky was bright and starry, the moon was shining bright a delight to see.Oh I am a happy girl tonight,it don't take much to make me happy just a day of sunshine its just wonderful.
   I do hope you have had some sun today and that we are going to have a nice weekend,I'm not going to listen to any forecast so I wont know what they say we are to have I'm just going to open my curtains and see what is looking back at me.
   Happy Easter to you all and have a lovely time with your lovely families.Love and blessings from Jill xxx

Wednesday, 27 March 2013


     Well I'm here again to moan about the weather,but looking at other blogs I know I am not the only one.We have not had a lot of snow at all luckily, it seems to be all around us not far away at all but we only seem to be getting a sprinkling.We do have a light covering most morning and it is light on and off all day and it is flipping well freezzzzing .I don't think I have ever been this cold,I have more flaming clothes on than the explores that go to the north pole.It takes extra time in the morning to get dressed and undressed at night time I'm worn out,more washing cos of the extra layers we are all wearing and that means Iv got more blooming ironing !!!! I don't think the forecast has given any sunshine until the middle of  April has it ? by that time we will have to go back to school to learn about the sun and heat cos it will have being that long since we have seen it we will have forgot what it is. Oh well no good going on and on cos it wont do any good so Ill shut up.
     Middle grandson has stayed with us the last couple of days,we have had fun playing and not doing much else.Lewis is one of those little boys that likes you to play all  the time,not that its a problem Grandma will do anything if it means I get to spend time with them.We where playing with the garage and cars the other night and I was going through the car wash,he said it would cost me £1,I said I didn't have one to give him,"Its ok Grandma just go to the pound shop they give you them there"is what Lewis told me. If only they did wouldn't that be great,think there would be lots of people queuing up all over the country.Little people have such a lovely innocent way of seeing things don't they makes you wish they didn't have to grow up to have worries and stress of everyday life,bless them all they are lovely.Scott the youngest is coming on Sunday for a couple of days so there will be more playing on hands and knees with cars,trucks and trains.The village railway is working again now after the winter break so each time Scott hears one coming he pushes a chair up to the kitchen window to see it so we spend most of the time on the kitchen floor or at the window.I am going to have to get some knee pads before long as Iv got  burns on me poor old knees ,Oh the joys of being a Grandma,love it I do.
   Well keep warm my friends and keep fingers crossed for sunshine soon.
Love Jill xx