Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Samhain !

                     Wishing you all and our loved ones past a Happy and Blessed Samhain.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

P is for Pink and Poppies.

     Hello Pals out there in bloggy land and for those who follow and take part in the ABC Wednesday I'm sorry I haven't taken part for a while but with one thing and another,well you know what I mean,hope you are all well and keeping warm.

    Two things that are very close to my heart and probably hundreds of you that may read this,is breast cancer awareness and the poppies for remembrance,and as we are still (just) in October which is breast cancer awareness month I thought a Pink ribbon would be good to put on my blog and remind everyone women and men about examining ourselves.My family have gone through the horrible disease three times and I myself have had two scares so I always support anything to do with raising money for research.
     Then in a few days on the 11th of the 11th we will all be wearing our Poppies with respect for all the people that have been killed in war.My Fathers brother was killed in the second world war and my cousins son was killed out in Afghanistan four years ago also one of my dear friends sons was badly injured in Afghanistan,so I again like to wear my Poppy and donate as much as I am able to to help families that are affected.
Two sad subjects to Post about but ones we should all be very aware of and ones that most of us will have been or know someone who has been affected by them.  SO FEEL THOSE BOOBS AND WEAR  THAT POPPY GUYS AND GIRLS.And I hope all you lovely people in America and surrounding countries are safe.
Take care love Jill xxxx

Monday, 29 October 2012

Stay safe.

     Just popping in to say that I hope all you lovely people out there that are anywhere near this awful weather in America stay safe with your loved ones,I will be thinking of you all and hope it passes without causing you all heartache.Love and hugs to you all,Jill xxx


        Brrrrr its cold and dull here in North Yorkshire today I'm stopping in to stay warm,Iv done my housework for today more could be done but my excuse for not dusting is its Halloween and ya gotta have dust and cobwebs about for it.My house is tidy and Iv cleaned the bathroom and kitchen the important rooms,hearth is clean and sitting room hoovered so that's it for today I made a veg soup yesterday whilst cooking the Sunday roast so that is just getting warmed up now for our lunch then tonight we are having homemade chicken Kiev's,potatoes and cauli already just to put in the oven later.I'm not always this organised but I just wanted a afternoon sewing somethings I have started for  Christmas,I have finished a small quilt that I started last year and didn't have time to finish and now I am making a table runner for the kitchen and I have a advent quilt hanging that I want to do as well so this is why I need to organise myself a bit better than usual. The fire is burning away nicley as I post this to you Im going to see if there is a nice film on we can watch,hubby is quite happy to watch a film as long its not one that is too girly.Hubby is doing better than he was he is getting around the house a bit better now he has his appointment with the surgen next week so we will see if there is any treatment he can have to help him.
     Well thats it for now hope you are keeping warm and having a good day.Love Jill xx