Thursday, 21 June 2012


     Well,its rained and rained here today bouncing on the road, at one point we had a shallow river running down the hill outside our house,its a wonder there wasn't ducks swimming in it.I thought it was summer seems more like winter.I got it wrong didn't I !!  I would of been at Glastonbury or Stone Henge on my own today celebrating, that will teach me not to watch much telly or listen to the news or read the newspaper,I will have to try to keep up and come out of my own little world once in a while.Well summer solstice is today really only yesterday when its one of those funny years called a leap year.
     I did get up and go for a short walk as it was pouring down and I have enough washing to dry didn't need more wet clothes.I did a few jobs around the house cooked dinner and then sewing.I am so addicted at the moment Iv made all sorts,2 large floor cushions,started another quilt  and some more smaller cushions.Maria came to see me with Lewis and Scott,Billy was at school.They have both just stopped having their dummy's at bed time and doing really really well bless them,Scott found one today in a bag so they had to make a special trip to the play park to put it on the dummy tree for the faeries to take away.When they got here they had to run off upstairs to find Grandmas fairy books to look for the dummy fairy and they did find one,shes a very pretty one with beautiful long wings,that's the one Lewis picked out any way.Oh to be a child again with so much innocence its a shame they grow up.
     I'm going now to have a quick look at what you have done today.Night night sleep tight love Jill xx

Summer solstice.

             Tomorrow is Summer Solstice,the longest day of the year, for the next few days the sun will rise and set in the same place before the wheel of the year starts to turn again.Then our day light will shorten, the harvest will be at its fullest soon and we will be back to cold dark days of winter by the fire.
    I wish I was going to Stone Henge or Glastonbury to join in the celebrations but that's not going to happen so I will just have my own little celebration here at home.I am going to be up nice and early for when the sun rises and go for a walk in the woods where it will be just me and the wildlife so happy and peaceful.I haven't yet decided what I'm doing for the rest of the day I don't make plans anymore because something always comes up.I want to get out in the garden at some point and just take in what mother nature has given me and appreciate what a lovely piece of land I have to grow my flowers and herbs even though it is only a small garden some people don't have a bit of ground to grow just a little bit of something so I consider myself lucky.
    I have a little elder tree growing in my garden only a very small one but just big enough for the faeries to dance under tonight at midnight as they celebrate midsummer eve,oh you old romantic you are Jill I hear you say,well I have always believed in faeries and I'm not going to stop now.
            Happy Solstice to you all
            Love and blessing
            Jill xxx