Saturday, 29 September 2012

Lovely autumn morning.

       Hello you loverly people,Oh I know I haven't posted for sometime but I'm back now just popping in to say hello .This morning was a bit chilly when I put my toes out of bed but its lovely in North Yorkshire this morning,well its 12.50pm as I write this but its still loverly.I have a real spring in my step today I slept well was up with the birds washing in, washing out and windows doors open just what I like. I think that the autumn months are my favourite time of year and spring,the change of the seasons always makes me feel good as we go from one time of year to the next.The trees and landscape look lovely all changing colour all golden the wind blowing and the sound of the leaves rustling as they fall and blow along the pavements!oh I just love it.
     I had some real days where I have felt down and miserable with myself lately but I'm pulling myself up and looking forward to the changes of the year.Nice cosy nights in with soft lights and candles flickering cosy by the fire oh I could go on and on.Well I'm off to peg my last load of washing out and do the men folk some lunch and will be back soon.I still haven't told you what I got for my birthday so I think that will be my next post,maybe later on today I could tell you.
    Bye for now Love Jill xxxx