Sunday, 21 October 2012


We have had a lovely day today the sun has being shining all day,the trees look beautiful all golden and crisp such a pretty picture for everyone to see.I woke this morning determined I was not going to let this cold beat me,I had a bad night tossing and turning,coughing and sneezing as we do when the cold strikes,but there I was lemsip in hand looking out of the window and making a promise to myself that I was having
a good day.After breakfast I got my few jobs done ,that was another promise to myself no housework today,then on with my shoes, gave hubby his news paper and cuppa and I went for a walk not far just for half hour but I did feel better for it.It doesn't  take long to have a walk in the village before someone stops you for a natter so that was nice as well,I think I have kind of locked myself away this last few weeks while looking after hubby and its not done me good but he has been my top priority.
At Lunch time a friend came to take us out for lunch just up to the next village he has a high four wheel drive car which was so easy for hubby to get into it was wonderful for him not like our car it  is a focus and not very high.We had a lovely carvery and a pudding,oops there goes the diet !!!and a good old chin wag it was just fab.This afternoon we have just sat chatting about nothing in particular I did sons dinner for him and that is where my day has ended apart from sitting down and catching up with blog land while hubby watches some film I'm not interested in,what would we do without our blogs and crafts I think Id go do -lally- tap over night .Im now going to have a large brandy,the same friend that took us for lunch goes to Germany and brings me back Asbac brandy what a little darling he is he knows I have a passion for brandy,so Im off now to pour myself a large one maybe I will sleep better tonight after that,fingers crossed.
Well! night night to you all hope you all sleep well and wake up happy and in good health.Love Jill xxxxxx