Sunday, 24 October 2010


    October has nearly gone and this is my first posting,had so much family stuff going on not had time to sit and blog.This morning we are having a lot of hail stones rain and a bit of sunshine peeping thro but not quite getting there, its not as cold has it has been but still cold.
    We still have not found our dog Bilko,it is very sad to think that he has gone and we dont have a clue as to what happened to him,maybe it is better that we dont know.
    Next weekend we have halloween to look forward to,I think my interest in witches and magic gets carried away a bit at this time of year cos i do like to dress my house and get ready for the children knocking for trick or treat.Im going to make some cakes and treats for my grandsons this year as they are a bit older and will love to get into halloween this year, Billy likes spiders and creepy things now just like all little boys.I think a halloween party maybe calling.
   Then we will have christmas knocking at the door it is not far away now.I always have great promises to myself in the new year that i will get organised better than last year and when it comes to this time i have nothing done,i have ordered a couple of prezzies for two of my friends but that is as far as i have got.The best part of christmas for me is wrapping prezzies up with all the lovley paper and adding ribbons and bows and watching the childrens faces as they open them,its just bliss.
   Well its taken me all day to write this post as i have kept getting disturbed and not a lot written,must be telling me something,so i will say bye for now and get back tomorrow.xx