Thursday, 18 November 2010

Christmas shopping

      This must be a first for me,middle of november and apart from 3 little prezzies and a few stocking fillers to find my christmas gift shopping is done,it really is a good feeling to think that i do not have to worry about it a few days before the big day.Now i am so looking forward to decorating my house and wrapping the prezzies knowing the stress is over.
     A few years ago a good friend showed my daughter and me how to make christmas wreaths of our own.We collect ivy ,holly, fir cones and bits and bobs from the woods and have a lovley day making wreaths for our doors and garlands for the fire place,and if i do say so myself they always look lovley.I bought a fake tree four years ago when my eldest grandson Billy was crawling around because of the needles dropping from a real tree and sticking to his little knees and hands, and i think it is going to come out this year cos little scott is crawling around now,it is a good one,in fact two friends did think that it was a real one,just wish it smelt like one.I have had a sort thro my essential oils and mixed some for a room spray and pot pourri so my house will smell like christmas especially when i light the christmas yankieand barn candles i have,can you tell i am looking forward to it all,just wish i had someone who would do the food shopping for me.