Thursday, 14 June 2012

Last 3 weeks.

           Hi lovely bloggy friends,I have not done a post for 3 weeks,many reasons I have been busy gardening catching up with jobs in the house,looking after my grandsons,and Iv not been very well so Iv not really had time or felt like doing a post.I have looked at a few blogs that I follow if I have not looked at yours or left you a comment I do apologise.I have been feeling a little low just lately nothing really bad to feel low about just one of those times,suppose we all get them at sometime.Anyway now that the weather is picking up,saying that the forecast for tomorrow is horrible,I have been in my garden which always makes me feel better,my garden is only small but I get a lot of enjoyment out of it.As you can see from the pics everything is looking lovely,at this point I would just like to warn you as you have not seen me for a while there are many pics on this post so I will understand if you want to switch off now but please don't lol.

                      Lots of washing done when the sun is shining.

                 I would like to tell you that I have won the lotto and had a shop around for a new car but that would be telling fibs,these beautiful cars where parked in the village car park and I could not resist snapping a few pics,wish I had one or two of them in a garage somewhere.

                This one reminds me of one of my favourite films Driving miss Daisy,isn't it just fantastic.
                   I deffo would suit this one.
                       Don't that look so comfortable.
             This is the quilt I made for a lady that I met at the car boot when I had a stall,she asked me to make a real pretty one for her little 4mth old baby,she was delighted with it,and I was so pleased with it I didn't want to sell it.

           On Jubilee day we had a barbecue at my daughters house,the boys had face paints and daddy did their faces for them,makes them look even more cheeky.

                 I don't think they ever get tired of playing on there swings.
                     These are the views they have out of their bedroom windows,lucky little boys eh!!

                Lewis is a funny little chap he always comes out with something funny to say or do,he went into the house and came out with an old helmet on pretending to be an alien bless him.
               In between showers one day I went for a walk up through the woods.It was lovely and peaceful I never saw a soul.

                  I always tell the boys that there is an angel near when you see a white feather,I needed an angel that day because I was feeling very low and there in front of me was a white feather.

             This is our village church its only small but perfect.

              I have been saving denim for a while now made a few cushions then 3 days before eldest grandsons birthday I thought I would make him a quilt with some.So I cut squares
                   made strips
                joined them together and came up with this.I put some pockets on and one that came off my sons Lambretta jeans I am chuffed to bits with it and Billy loves it.

                  This is another cot quilt I made,not found a new home for this one yet.
              Isn't this poppy beautiful.
                    This is my favourite clematis its so delicate and smells lovely.

                 Another walk this time with the 2 boys when they had a sleep over with us,I decided to take them out for a walk before bath time to run a bit of energy off  but they just tired me out.

                   All bathed and ready for bed,I love bed time cuddles when they are all clean and smelling of baby talc,nothing better than a cuddle from a nice warm little boy.

           These next pics where taken yesterday on a walk with Maria and Scott.

         We do live in a beautiful place.
           Then playing in the garden and more flowers.

            Then it was time for dinner at the boys house for Billy's birthday he is not having a party this year Mummy and Daddy are taking him and 2 of his friends out to Flamingo land for the day.One of the prezzies we bought him was this gun it fires soft bullets out of it and guess where he likes to aim it,at Mummy's and Grandmas bums he is a good shot as well, lol.

                 A beautiful pair of blue eyes that are going to break some hearts in a few years.

                Well I have so enjoyed posting these pics and telling you about them,do hope you stayed to look at them.I am going to make a promise to myself not to leave it so long then I don't have so many pics all at once.Hope you are all well take care of your selves,love Jill xxxx