Monday, 24 June 2013

Super Moon.

Good morning friends, it was far to cloudy to see the lovely lady moon last night not a chance at anytime, I was in and out like a mad woman in between the heavy showers to see if it was going to clear. About 8.45pm I spoke to Mary to see what she thought about us venturing out but she said the same as me "Not a chance". This picture I have got off the net this morning I chose this one because of the lovely reflection in the sea its quite beautiful. There will be other super moons to see it is not the only one and for now I am satisfied with the image I have of her the other night as we came out of the woods it was wonderful.  
                  I came across this little picture the other day which made me smile, just thought I would share it with you all. I often think that maybe instead of living in airy fairy land I should grow up and start acting like a responsible adult, but its not as much fun is it, LOL, what do you think???? Do you think that you should act your age or have some fun ??
      Have a fun day bye for now. Love Jill xxx


Sunday, 23 June 2013

Post gone missing ! and Summer Solstice.

    I did a post last night of what I did for summer solstice but its gone walk abouts, I don't seem to be having much luck with my blog at the moment, first photos went missing now a post, spooky ! Oh well it went something like this.

      I apologise to you for being late wishing you a happy summer solstice but Iv being so busy this week that Iv not had time to post. Friday was a day for appointments and shopping as the fridge and cupboards where bare, just a limp piece of celery the odd tomato and a yogurt, maybe that is exaggerating a bit but you get my drift. Then after our evening meal at 830 pm I went out into the woods with my friend Mary to see if we could see any badgers and to just be out with mother nature for a while on such a special day. After we wandered for a while we plonked our behinds down near a badger sett, there are quite a few in our woods some which look as if they are no longer used and others that are. We sat for at least 1 and half hours just listening to the birds whispering good night to each other and the little animals scurrying off to bed cosy for the night. It was about 10 pm when the sky started to darken but not black it was still quite bright. We didn't see any badgers maybe they saw us, I did comment to Mary that they where probably sat behind us waiting for us to skip off home so they could come out to play.
   As we left the woods at about 10 50 pm the beautiful lady moon greeted us in all her glory to light the lanes for us to see our way home. We are going out tonight to see if we can see the super moon, I know it was last night but seen as neither of us was able to go last night we are venturing out tonight up to the next village which is higher than we are so we will get a better view IF the weather improves as at the moment we have rain, rain and more rain, but I think its pretty much the same up and down the country.
    I do hope you all had a lovely solstice and enjoyed what ever you where doing. Love and blessing to you all, Jill xxx