Saturday, 19 January 2013

Walking in a winter wonderland.

Hi you lovely people out there in bloggy land,hope you are all keeping well and warm.I have just about got over my dreadful cold that I had only an annoying cough left that only starts when I am talking on the phone or when I'v been laid down for a while in bed,hubby says the answer to coughing while talking is not to talk so much,I wont tell you what I said to him !!!!  I went to slimming world on Tuesday for my first weigh in and I have lost 8and a half pound,I am chuffed with myself and up to now this week I have done what I am supposed to and not been led off the straight and narrow so here's to another good week.
 I thought I would put some of my photos here today along with the majority of bloggers out there.I was sat with my coffee this morning and looked out into the white world and just had to get myself wrapped up and out there.It is cold but I don't think its as cold as it has been and is going to be,but was that because of the amount of clothes I had on,2 pairs of socks,1 t shirt, 1 blouse, 2 jumpers,scarf,hat coat,1 pair of gloves and 1 pair of fingerless gloves (and a partridge in a pear tree LOL) I could hardly breath,I was so glad that I didn't get a hot sweat while out there I can tell you because you would of heard about it on the news,Woman in Yorkshire strips in the freezing cold,would of been the headlines,not a pretty sight!!   Any way here are my pics.
            This is the old school yard ,the school is now a coffee shop with a nice yard to sit in and watch the world go by.

            Looking over the village.
            Wonder who is keeping warm tucked up i here??

      Where ever you walk around here it is up hill.
          Always amazes me how such delicate little branches can hold so much heavy snow.

                       Do you like my gloves and mitts they are very warm.

             Icicles on the  cliffs around the river are very beautiful altho a couple of years ago when we had a bad winter there was a lot more than this year.

            We have put lots of food out daily for the birds,this morning I put out these sweet crisps that had not got eaten and the birds flew down for them you would have thought they had never fed before. They have waited in the trees for me each morning to go out with food for them bless them they are lovely I could watch them flying in and out the garden all day,sounds like a good idea to me but who would feed me???
Talking of food I had better get some thing sorted for the men's dinner,I know what I am having I made a large pot of soup for myself to last me a few days which has everything I am allowed to eat without disturbing my diet lots of veg and beans and tasty herbs and spices,with a big sign above the pot KEEP OFF JILL'S,other wise hubby would be dipping into it not that I mind but its mine and I don't often just cook for myself and only myself,and its not as if I wont cook something nice for them.
   Well I will be back later to look through your blogg's ,keep warm and if you have to travel stay safe.
  Love Jill xx