Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Honey Bee.

     Today I saw a honey bee in my kitchen window!! Is this the start of  the happy days of spring to come ! emmmm I wonder  OR is it just a little soul that is like me came out to play because the sun had his hat on???? I would love to think that this is the start of things to come but I'm not going to hold my breath.I woke at 630am and it was day light there was even a tiny tiny little glimpse of spring at that time of a morning,it was cold and a touch of frost but one of those mornings when you say "well its a good start to the day".I have done countless jobs today inside the house had windows flung open to welcome the brighter fresher air in and intend to do more in and outside tomorrow.I bought some little primulas on Monday for the front door step and they cheered the place up no end and as there is much more cheering up I could do I intend to get stuck in and get on with it.I have not felt like smiling and cheering the house up lately but now I am on a mission to have the most smiley house on the street,if you can have a smiley house,I'm sure you can.The garden at the back is looking a bit sad and neglected not cos I have not wanted to tend to it but because at this time of year the sun is not high enough to let  the little plants see the light,as soon as the sun is higher in the sky the garden will bloom and I will be a happy girl again.The days are getting longer and soon we will change the clocks and be able to have longer in the garden or evening walks,oh I cannot wait.
    I am sat here now on my own and the house is oh so still not a murmur just the way I like it,hubby has gone to bed early I just love the time when the telly goes off and all I can hear is the clock ticking nothing else.It is the time of night when I like to switch of the lights open the curtains and look outside to see the moon shining brightly with the stars, nothing else is happening at this time of year in the village just peace and quite.
    I wish you all a good nights sleep with happy dreams of long warm summer days to come,and hope you are all well.Love and hugs to you all,Jill xxx