Friday, 26 August 2011


   Where has our summer gone,the time passes quick enough without the weather making it feel like autumn already.It is quite chilly this morning and its raining again makes me feel like I need to hibernate which isn't good at this time of year,my poor garden and hanging baskets are starting to look a bit worse for wear after rain and the wind we have had here.I don't look forward to the dark nights,I like to light my candles on dark days and nights and light the log burner if only we could still have light outside (that sounds strange) I have a lot to do again today food shopping and grandchildren to see and to visit a friend so I better not hibernate but get myself a move on,may just have another cuppa before I start,yes sounds a good idea.See you soon love Jill xx

Thursday, 25 August 2011


I havent done any sewing for a while and decided I should start again so some little lavender bags where made.

This is a little nightie case I am making for a friends little girl,not quite finished but wont take long and all hand sewn.Will take another pic when I have finished it.

This is waiting for some sand and then it is going to be a door stop,another pic when it is finished.

My friend Denise gave me this book along with the project that was in it,further on you can see the result,there are lots of lovely things that I want to make in it.

A jewellery roll

A little purse.

Lavender hearts and birds.

This is a little lavender heart a friend made for me,thought I just might pinch her pattern and make some.

This is a little diary I bought with a very plain cover so I covered it with this pretty material.Much nicer now me thinks.

And these are the pics of the bag I made,isnt it pretty?

Last few weeks.

These are photos of a day out we had with the boys on my sons birthday.

These ones are a day out Billy and I had out climbing a mountain as Billy put it.Its not fair cos he kept running up and down the path like a puppy does while I sauntered along,wish I had the energy of a 6yr old.

Coffee break.

Just having 10 min's with my coffee in between rooms sitting room,kitchen,bathroom and sons bedroom done, spare bedroom,our bedroom and utilityroom then ironing to do.I feel like a domestic godess today,its amazing what you can get through if ya want to.See you later guys xx


    Just dropped by to say hello,I have been so busy of late that I have not had time to blog I have had a quick look at the blogs I follow but neglected my own.I will put some pics on later to tell you what I have done and made (Iv been sewing quite a bit )but today I must get on and do some house work the place looks like a bomb has dropped,Billy my eldest grandson has had a few days of grandmas attention and I really havent done anything,so beds to change,on goes the washer, hoover and rubber gloves,iron out waiting for me and off I go.I love to see a nice clean house but I think it will be about 10 pm before I can sit down tonight.Will write some more when Im done.Bye for now xxx