Thursday, 25 August 2011


I havent done any sewing for a while and decided I should start again so some little lavender bags where made.

This is a little nightie case I am making for a friends little girl,not quite finished but wont take long and all hand sewn.Will take another pic when I have finished it.

This is waiting for some sand and then it is going to be a door stop,another pic when it is finished.

My friend Denise gave me this book along with the project that was in it,further on you can see the result,there are lots of lovely things that I want to make in it.

A jewellery roll

A little purse.

Lavender hearts and birds.

This is a little lavender heart a friend made for me,thought I just might pinch her pattern and make some.

This is a little diary I bought with a very plain cover so I covered it with this pretty material.Much nicer now me thinks.

And these are the pics of the bag I made,isnt it pretty?

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  1. I really enjoyed seeing these pretty sewing projects.
    I thought 'retirement' would give me more time to dig into my fabric stash and do some fun things--hasn't happened yet. Maybe this winter...?
    The sort of things you're doing make such nice gifts!