Thursday, 7 November 2013

Over the last few days I have taken photos of the sea at different times of the day, these are a few of my favourite hope you like them. Love Jill xx

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Robin Hoods bay.

Hi friends, I have again being absent from blog land for far too long, I do hope you will let me off !!! I now am free from the dreaded boot that was part of me for 13 very long weeks. I was beginning to think I was never getting rid of Frankenstein. I'm still having physio, starting  rehabilitation classes next week to strengthen the muscles in my leg and my tendon, I'm getting there its slow but sure.
This week I have being house sitting for some friends who have gone to Dubai for a holiday. The house is in a lovely village, Robin Hoods Bay on the coast not far from Whitby North Yorkshire. Its a little fishing village with like many a village in Yorkshire, a very steep hill to climb. The top of the hill sees lots of different houses which a lot of them provide B&B for the visitors. On the way down the hill and at the bottom you can find lots of lovely cute little lanes to wander along looking at all the quaint little cottages steeped in history and character. There are so many of them its like being in a  colourful happy story telling little warren. I went for a walk with my Mum yesterday which was lovely because she and Dad spent a lot of time down in the Bay when they were younger so it brought back lots of precious memories for her. As we wandered around I took lots of photos on my phone and thought that you may like to see a few of them, I wont post them all just a few of the ones I thought deserved to be seen.

 As you can see there are lots of lanes, unusual door ways and pretty little houses.

 One of Mum deep in thought.

 Grape vine growing along a wall and laden with fruit at this time of the year.

 Hope you have enjoyed the walk around Robin Hoods Bay with me, I have a few days left here yet so I will be going down the hill again, I will see what other photos I can take to show you. Hope you are all fighting fit and enjoying life. Take care my friends love to you all, Jill xxx