Thursday, 19 July 2012

Just a quick catch up.

          Hi guys,I have just sat down to have a coffee on my own as I have the house to myself for a couple of hours which as I have said before I just lovvvveeeee time on my own.Just a quick post to catch up with a couple of things that has happened over the last few weeks which have brought a smile to my face.
    Eldest grandson Billy has had his sports day at school as I mentioned a few weeks ago in my post,sorry its taken so long to tell you about it.It was a beautiful day the ground was a little wet but it was sunny and warm and the ground didn't stop them.Billy came 1st and 2nd in some of his races and his team which are called The Lapwings came first so as you can imagine he was very excited about that. The photo below is him with his egg and spoon which he came second in,he came first in his running race and 2nd in the sack race.
     This is Lewis cheering his brother on,he ran in the toddlers race and came third they all love running.
        The races seem to have tired Scott out bless him,he wasn't asleep just laid down to watch.

      Here they both are looking very proud of their older brother.
    Billy with the cup his team received for winning.
      This one made me laugh because Billy had told us all we could not cheer for him cos it puts him off so we did as we were told,until grandad shouted to him before his running race and this was the look he got,grandad soon shut up lol.

      Cheeky monkey Scott getting up on to my work top in the kitchen to look at the trains as they go by,sometimes think they only come to see me because of the view from my windows a little boys dream.
    I have wanted to paint the shelves in my kitchen for a while now but just not known weather I would like them when done,well I took the paint brush to them and this is what they came out like.


     I do like them they have brought a bit of life to the kitchen having had every thing wood for so long its made a big difference,I'm happy with them.
    Last week was another sports day with a difference,7 schools from the villages down our valley joined together for Olympic sports.Billy's school secretary was one of the runners for the Olympic torch in our nearest town and the school bought the torch after so they had it to be able to use.All the children were jumbled up and put into countries and had the flags and tshirts with their team colour.They had an open ceremony for the Juniors and then the infants it was fantastic to see them all getting involved.2 of the older children ran in with the torch,unlit but the schools had been and lit the beacon for the village before it all started.Danny Nightingale who was a Olympic gold medallist in 1976 has been going  around the schools for a few weeks talking to the children to encourage them all about sports,was there to open the ceremony and spend the day with them.
The cooks from each school got together and did lunch for the children and spectators which was lovely and must of taken forever to organise.The whole day was lovely and the weather was fantastic the days before we had rain showers and thought it may have to be cancelled but it was a scorcher I think the angels have been working a little magic for the school having 2 sports days and both lovely weather.The day after was torrential rain you would have thought we had been in a different country.

    This pic is the boys with the torch and Danny Nightingale.And the one below is the infants doing their dance in the ceremony,Billy is the one at the back in yellow with his head turned from us,he did very well they all kept in sequence with each other most of the time.

                                Lewis was wanting to run with them bless him.
   The venue was Danby moors centre and is in beautiful surroundings it is well worth looking up if you are ever up in North Yorkshire lots of things for children to do and learn about and a lovely place for walks and a picnic.

              I think this is a lovely photo of Scott do you ?

              This is Billy getting ready to do his long jump (he was in the French team yellow).He did well but didn't win that one,he did win the running race for his year and the throwing for his year so he did really well out of 50 pupils his age,I'm very proud of him.

           Scott taking a rest,this isn't our chair he just saw no one was in it and decided to take a rest,only little ones can get away with such things.

         Billy's team came third at the end of the day and they all got a bronze medal each.As they all got up on the stage at the end of the closing ceremony there was a lot of tired looking children and a few teachers and spectators too but a brilliant day was had by all.It had taken the schools 2 yrs to organise and a lot of hard work I'm sure but very worth while.

                                               Billy with his medal which is proudly displayed on his bedroom wall.
   Well I have ranted on enough now and need to get outside and tend to my little garden while it is dry,I do hope that we are going to get some sunshine this weekend it would be nice to start the summer holidays for the children with nice days then we can get out for nice walks picnics and building sand castles on the beach not forgetting the sand in me sandwiches after all that's the best bit about a day on the beach. I hope you are having a good day what ever you are doing and are all well and happy.Love for now from Jill xx

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

A is for Arthritis and Aromatherapy.

A few years ago I was diagnosed with Arthritis in my neck,it has given me trouble now and again but for the last 18 mths has been a lot worse.About a year ago I noticed a pain in my right collar bone and it has got slowly worse until the pain goes under my arm up my shoulder and into my neck.When I told the doc about it he said it will be the Arthritis,what fun eh!  I know their are a lot of people who suffer with it not only adults but children as well which breaks my heart to think that innocent children should go through such pain.I'm not complaining about it at all I will learn to put up with the pain after all there are worse things out there.I cannot take some of the painkillers the docs put you on for Arthritis so my doc has put me on a painkiller patch and it seems to be working ok at the moment,one of the side affects is it helps you sleep and my oh my, is that the only side affect I have!!It sure has helped me sleep over the last 4 weeks its brilliant,I go to bed and read for a about 15 mins and then that is it until my alarm clock goes off at 645am.I am so pleased to be able to get some sleep because a couple of mths ago I was in so much pain that I could not sleep.I'm not saying that this is the end of my pain but at the moment I have got some relief from it which is worth the lottery to me.     10yrs ago I went to collage and got myself a diploma in Aromatherapy,I have always loved essential oils and using them to heal ailments so off I went to learn some more.I found it very interesting learning about each oil where it comes from, what it can help with, what other oil it can be mixed with and what not to mix it with.I did more homework in the 4mths I did that than the yrs I was at school and enjoyed every minute.My main aim was to help my husband with massage as he has a spinal disease but that is now unfortunately beyond massage but at the time helped him relax and helped his muscle spasms.When my daughter was in labour with her boys Aromatherapy massage to her back and legs  helped her relax and a few friends have benefited from my help as well, so that makes me happy.I am now helping myself with the oils that are used for Arthritis and am feeling the benefits so I will continue using them.I have also been looking in my Alternative medicine books I have to help me and will follow what ever I find.For anybody else out there and I know there are many,I hope you are getting the best from your docs that you can to help your Arthritis and feeling the benefit's,if not go and pester the doc because we do not have to suffer there is help out there!!!
     Hope you are all safe,well and enjoying the summer if we are going to get any,and for you people not in this country what is your weather like at the moment,if however you have sunshine each day we do not want to know LOL. Love to you all for now,Jill xxx