Tuesday, 17 July 2012

A is for Arthritis and Aromatherapy.

A few years ago I was diagnosed with Arthritis in my neck,it has given me trouble now and again but for the last 18 mths has been a lot worse.About a year ago I noticed a pain in my right collar bone and it has got slowly worse until the pain goes under my arm up my shoulder and into my neck.When I told the doc about it he said it will be the Arthritis,what fun eh!  I know their are a lot of people who suffer with it not only adults but children as well which breaks my heart to think that innocent children should go through such pain.I'm not complaining about it at all I will learn to put up with the pain after all there are worse things out there.I cannot take some of the painkillers the docs put you on for Arthritis so my doc has put me on a painkiller patch and it seems to be working ok at the moment,one of the side affects is it helps you sleep and my oh my, is that the only side affect I have!!It sure has helped me sleep over the last 4 weeks its brilliant,I go to bed and read for a about 15 mins and then that is it until my alarm clock goes off at 645am.I am so pleased to be able to get some sleep because a couple of mths ago I was in so much pain that I could not sleep.I'm not saying that this is the end of my pain but at the moment I have got some relief from it which is worth the lottery to me.     10yrs ago I went to collage and got myself a diploma in Aromatherapy,I have always loved essential oils and using them to heal ailments so off I went to learn some more.I found it very interesting learning about each oil where it comes from, what it can help with, what other oil it can be mixed with and what not to mix it with.I did more homework in the 4mths I did that than the yrs I was at school and enjoyed every minute.My main aim was to help my husband with massage as he has a spinal disease but that is now unfortunately beyond massage but at the time helped him relax and helped his muscle spasms.When my daughter was in labour with her boys Aromatherapy massage to her back and legs  helped her relax and a few friends have benefited from my help as well, so that makes me happy.I am now helping myself with the oils that are used for Arthritis and am feeling the benefits so I will continue using them.I have also been looking in my Alternative medicine books I have to help me and will follow what ever I find.For anybody else out there and I know there are many,I hope you are getting the best from your docs that you can to help your Arthritis and feeling the benefit's,if not go and pester the doc because we do not have to suffer there is help out there!!!
     Hope you are all safe,well and enjoying the summer if we are going to get any,and for you people not in this country what is your weather like at the moment,if however you have sunshine each day we do not want to know LOL. Love to you all for now,Jill xxx


  1. I do believe Aromatherapy helps a lot! I've been to a Lavender farm and Festival and there I learn a lot but want to learn more. I am planting six lavenders and many kinds of herbs. Nature gives so much for us to discover, develop and enjoy. Great post here thanks for sharing.


  2. I love to blend my oils, the aroma, the feel on my skin, it is wonderful. I have not been able to practice massage so much with everything else going on at the moment. But oh do I need one! I am sorry to hear about your Arthritis I am sure I have it in my fingers. they say a cure is not far away.
    Sorry I did mention darker nights! but it is happening here so I try not to be sad about it. What is happening with our weather Jill, it is so depressing. No real summer to charge our batteries. The thought of winter is terrible. Hardly sat in my garden. Still maybe next year it will be better!!!
    Love Carol xxx

  3. So what type of oils does one use to relieve the pain of arthritis? I was on NSAIDs for decades after being diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the lower spine at age 29. Then about a year ago, my doctor discovered that my kidneys were being affected so now I must not use any anti-inflammatory drugs. Only pain killers - but they can cause problems, too. Now I just try to put up with the pain and have massage therapy. We will have to talk about that when I'm there. Have an awesome week, Jill.

    abcw team

  4. I have arthritis in my left knee. It pains me greatly. Hadn't considered asromatherapy; I should ask around about this.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  5. This was so very interesting. Our daughter who was in a terrible accident (car)at 18, she's now 41 with lots of pain and arthritis, and practices asromatherapy.

  6. Glad the aromatherapy eases the pain somewhat - I had no idea it could help arthritis. My Mum had acupuncture for the pain in her back and that worked wonders.

  7. I have it in my knees Jilly - OK except when I try to c ome downstairs.

  8. I could use some aromatheraphy.

    Aero 360's Arrows
    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team.

  9. Thank you all for your comments,I think most of us suffer in someway from arthritis at what ever stage in life we are at,hope it is not to painfull for you all maybe a little sunshine here in England would do us good.Love Jill xx