Saturday, 3 March 2012

My Boys

            Just a very quick post but I think worth a look.Friday night I was babysitting for my daughter and her hubby.These pics I took of my babys not long after they went to bed,I am so jelous of them because I just wish I could sleep as sound as they do.Bless them xx
             Hope you are all well and having a lovely weekend Love for now Jill xxx



Tuesday, 28 February 2012

G is for Grosmont.

            For ABC Wednesday this week I thought I would show you some pics of our little village Grosmont.Grosmont which is pronounced Gromont a silent s,used to be a very busy village having  a thriving iron works and a brick yard,butchers, bank,haberdashery 3 public houses and a railway.Now we have a railway a little grocery shop,2 tea rooms a book shop,a railway gift shop an d 1 public house and a lot less people living here.We used to have a school 2 churches now no school and only 1 church.We are now a little country village that has very quite winters and very busy summer and autumn times.As you can see from my pictures the railway is now the centre of the village and brings thousands of visitors each year.

           Hope you have enjoyed my pictures and that you are all well,we have had lovely weather again here today just hope it is here to stay fingers and toes crossed.Take care my friends.Love Jill xx