Thursday, 20 January 2011

My update.

      Its been a three weeks since Iwas last here had to much going on family gets in the way sometimes but thats what my life is all about. Beginning of the month my son was quite poorly and ended up in hospital for four days but is on the mend now thank goodness,doesnt matter how old our children are they are still our babies and its a great worry when they are poorly.
     I have been going to slimming world for quite sometime now and had to give it a miss for eight weeks because of the snow and then christmas so last week i joined again,new year new start and all that,well this week was my first weigh in and I have lost 5lbs well as you can imagine I was over the moon just got to keep it up,not saying that I will loose a lot each week but 1lb or 2lb would do nicley.
     Our little kitten Patchouli show has made herself at home,she wanders all around the house sleeping where ever she can find a nice warm place to curl up,still not quite sure of the grandchildren yet but she doesnt run away as soon as they come through the door now but once they start getting excited she is off in a corner under a chair or off up the stairs to hide,think she feels a bit out numbered three of them chasing her.
     I didnt make any promises to myself at new year really only to get myself in a better routine with my washing and ironing this year,I do my washing each day but Im good at building mountains with my ironing and up to now I have only had a very small one so I give myself a pat on the back for that,which leads me to say bye for now so I can go do todays small pile.  
    Bye for now take care xx.