Tuesday, 13 August 2013

                Hi there my friends, I'm sorry Iv not posted for a long time but we have being going through such a sad difficult time that my head has not felt like blogging or doing much at all if I am honest. All is well with hubby and myself  but we are having such a hard time with our daughter it really has been breaking our hearts. Any way enough said I'm back not feeling happy but I'm back and going to try to get back into my blog and visiting yours I have missed you all and now have a lot of catching up to do.
      At the moment I cannot get out and about because of my leg, as you can see from my photos below its not good. We had nipped out to have lunch 2 weeks gone Sunday, we where just walking back to the car about 10 meters away from it when I felt like I had been kicked in the back of my leg around the calf and ankle. After hobbling to the car and getting so far home hubby decided he was taking me to the hospital. After quite a long wait I saw the Doc who said that it is my Achilles tendon that I have hurt, he sent me to have a pot put on and see the consultant in 2 days time Tuesday in fracture clinic. The consultant said that he doesn't know what damage I have done until I have a scan which I have on Thursday this week. He took the pot off and gave me this boot to wear which works the same as a pot does. So there we have it 2 weeks and 2 days up to now with this leg out of action then after my scan it will be another 2 weeks at least before I see the consultant again, all august gone with me out of action ,just great. It could be worse I suppose I am not grumbling because I have my health apart from this, it is just so awkward to get about with it on, but at least I can take it off to get showered. I sat and looked at it when the nurse put it on and commented what an ugly looking thing it is and that I would have to do something about that. Out came the box of ribbons and sparkley bits when I got home and the result is quite pretty don't you think? the little bit at the top of the boot is where I have to blow it up inside to give extra support.
                                         A very ugly boot, don't you think it looks like part of Frankenstein's leg?
                                          Much better now !!
       So there we are that is me fed up because I had started going out for good walks again most days to help with my weight loss which I am pleased to say is going in the right direction. Since the new year I have lost 2 stone 6lbs,last week I lost 8lbs and this week 2 and half so not getting about because of my leg has not put weight on. I have now got out of the back of the wardrobe some of my clothes that I could not fit into and looking forward to the ones that are further back which are another size smaller, so I do have something to smile about it is not all doom and gloom. I would like to loose another stone and a half then I will be happy with my weight and out of the over weight bracket that is always getting talked about. We do worry about how we look don't we but I think it is about health as well as looks and I am starting to feel a hell of a lot healthier now the weight is coming off, not out of breath going up stairs and up hills is a big difference. I'm still not eating meat which I'm sure is a big part of feeling better in myself my diet has changed a lot and I experiment with food a lot more now than I used to, my skin is looking better and fresher some how, I don't sleep much but that is because of worry but I don't get tired as much as I did before so all in all I'm doing ok.
       Now I'm going to go make myself a cuppa and then sit with leg up on settee and wander through your blogs. I'm sorry I haven't visited for a long time but I will now, Iv missed you all.
Lots of love to you all Jill XX