Friday, 30 September 2011

Not as planned.

 When I was last here I had my following day all planned,then as always something messes it up,not that it could be helped this time.My son set off on his scooter for work at 730am as usual and 7 Min's later he phoned to say he had had an accident,me still in my pjs's and Billy in his pjs I  had to rush and put on some trousers and jumper and jumper for Billy and jump in car with hubby and go to the rescue.The road was very slippy with the light rain we had over night and the falling leafs that Jacks back wheel had just slipped to one side.Luckily he was not to badly injured he has a badly sprained ankle and bruising to his side.He was just concerned about the scooter but no damage to that just an indicator which can be easily replaced.So after a hospital visit I didnt do much for the rest of the day,I had planned to do gardening well I did do a little but my get up and go had just got up and gone so I did some sewing instead,it was the stress you see couldnt concentrate on house work or gardening just the sewing lol.This little quilt is what I sat and made for pussy cat Patchouli,I have tried to tempt her to sleep in a basket but she is having none of it so I made her the quilt to sleep on as she tends to always sleep on the floor in our bedroom in a corner,I thought I could put the quilt in the corner for her to sleep on,we will see if it works.

Patchouli's quilt.
      Earlier this month I had my birthday recieved some wonderfull prezzies quite spoilt I was.My husband said he did not know what to buy me so he gave me some money which is not like him he always buys me lovely things but i accepted.I ordered some clothes from Joe clothes that I only treat myself to once in a blue moon,what do you think? Then I bought a sewing book and some bits of material very pretty.Think I will make a nice little pillow with it.
      Well bye for now look forward to your comments.

Take Care Love Jill xx

White blouse which looks very nice with jeans and boots.

Dont know if you can tell but the back is longer than the front (what do you call that iv forgot,lol)


Dont quite know weather I want to keep the dress its shorter than I useually wear.


Sorry not a good pic,but this is a lovely top notice the little key on the back isnt it cute?

Had to show you this quilt I bought at the carboot last week,the lady only wanted £8 for it,its in perfect condition not a mark on it.

Book and material I bought and a little heart I made with some.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Night time.

       Its very quite here only the sound of the clock ticking me tapping on the laptop and the sound of the cat Patchouli tip toeing about upstairs as she goes from one room to the next checking on everyone,or looking for mischief.My eldest grandson Billy is here tonight all cosy snug in bed with his teddy sleeping soundly,our son Jack in his room fast asleep after a day at work,and hubby also has gone to bed and I can hear him gently snoring away there even tho he is 2 floors up so maybe not so gently.I love it when I get to have the space to myself before bedtime I get time to unwind by just  pottering about doing a bit of this and a bit of that nothing much but potter.
     It has been a beautiful day here today and the forcast is good for tomorrow as well so maybe the Indian summer which was forecast  has come.I got lots of washing done and on the line today that is waiting to be ironed and some more washing to go out in the morning so that is what I will be doing tomorrow when I have taken Billy to school and then some gardening and tending the pots at the front of the house as they are starting to look a bit worse for wear..Now I will do half  hour pottering and then go curl up with Billy as he likes me to sleep with him when he is here (well he is only 6) may have to read a couple of chapters of the book I am reading at the moment before I go into the land of nod.
Well good night all sleep well.Love Jill xx