Thursday, 16 June 2011

Pussy cat and plants.

 Iv not shown you many photos of our little cat Patchouli so here are a few.As you can see she has made herself at home.She was a rescue cat ,lots of kittens abandoned at a farm,the lady we got her off said it would take a couple of weeks before she would trust us but we had her only two days before she wanted to be with us and up on my knee I felt very privileged,as we had never had cats before I didnt know what to expect.Now she really has got me wrapped around her little claw.
She likes to play through th banister with me.

One of her view points.

Cuddled up on our bed.

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 Some of my pots which are at the front of our house,we don't have a garden just a couple of places to have pots.I have been planting them up and quite surprised how much they have grow in ten days,must be the rain we have had not a lot but just enough to help these little guys.
My daughter bought me this wisteria,I want it to grow all over the front of the house over night.

My hanging basket is looking nice.

This little wheel barrow was a present from a friend and looks lovley when the lobelia trails over it.

I thought this clematis had died but i was obviously wrong.

These lupins and the pics below are in my back garden.