Saturday, 1 June 2013


                  Good morning lovely people I do hope you are well.  Well the last day of May went out with a beautiful day and evening we had sunshine all of the day it was a special day me thinks. This morning the 1st of June and it is over cast but I'm not going to be negative we are going to get some sunshine today I just know we are I can feel it in me bones as my old grandma used to say.
    I haven't a lot planned for today just going to see what comes of the day, I do have to nip to the next village to get some vegetables our little shop in the village don't do veg's they say that not enough people buy them then they go off which is sense really but Id love to be able just to nip out of my door to the shop which is only 1minute away, that is if the railway don't see me and open the gates for the train , I'm sure that they have an alarm from my house door to the signal box that says" here she comes quick open the gates", because in the summer when I just need to nip quick to the shop for something which should take me all of 3 minutes ends up taking at least 10.Never mind if the boys are with me they love it seeing the train up close as it crosses the road they are impressive monsters just a little noisy sometimes. Billy eldest grandson will be 8yrs old  this month he is growing up so fast it really doesn't seem 5 Min's since we where waiting for his entrance into the world .He did surprise us by arriving 5 weeks early and having a few problems but he got over them and is a bright healthy happy nearly 8 yr old today. When he was small he had a mass of lovely blond curls but as he has got older his hair has got stronger and the curls have got a bit out of hand and don't curl like they used too. Billy has had his hair quite short for sometime now but has decided he wants it long and curly which is taking sometime to get where he wants it bless him, I think he sees himself as a little surfer dude which would be good as he has had a go at surfing when they where on holiday in Cornwall a couple of yrs ago and mummy said he was good at it. Here are a very small few of my favourite photos of Billy as he has got older I do have hundreds of photos of the boys and I'm sure I will be taking thousands more of them, well that's what grandmas do don't they?

 As you can see he is a happy fun little guy who is going to grow up handsome and break a few hearts with those eyes, but I would say that wouldn't I ?
    Well! that took me right off track of what I was saying and now Iv forgot like ya do! I think we have a bit of blue sky peeping out so that sunshine is going to come out and play. Its just 9am now so I'm going to get me bum off of me seat and leave you all in peace and go get me veg's. Have a lovely day and let me know what you are going to be doing this weekend.
Have fun love Jill xx

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Kitchen and Sewing.

I'm back again,you don't see me for weeks then here I am again second time in a few minutes.As I said in my last post (about 5 Min's ago) I painted my kitchen last week here are pics I took whilst I was preparing things and after it was done.I did not realise, dare I say it,how mucky it was until I washed the walls before I painted them, I had my fingers crossed that no one would visit and see the mess until I'd at least got them washed !.

      Its now nice clean and fresh looking and I'm pleased I went for a lighter colour.

      I haven't done much sewing of late (again) but Iv had my mums quilt book out and started some blocks so I have done a bit,when I have done more I will show you.The book has some lovely pics in it I could sit and look at them all day,just a couple to show you and some of my material cut out ready to sew.

            These are some bits that I have done as well will show you a better pic later.
    Well the washer has just stopped and the dinner needs preparing so I'll leave you for now and look forward to reading your comments if you wish to leave me one.Hope you are well love Jill xxx

Hi folks!!

Hi folks!It is a miserable day here down or up in North Yorkshire,we have drizzle fog and its cold.But on the plus side my little garden is growing like the clappers!!Iv not done anything out there apart from pulling the weeds out and sweeping and its looking lovely.I'm going to just let you see for yourselves the lovely plants and the buds on them without me babbling on.

This little window is looking into the sitting room from the little lean too at the back of the house,it has my witches hat lamp in it,its a happy little window I think.
This little angel lives on the window sill in the lean too.
This is the window from the inside.

And this window is the back window in my kitchen that looks out on to my garden,the front windows look onto the steam trains.I see that Sir Nigel Gresley steam engine is out and about this morning taking the visitors to Whitby and Pickering,not a very good day to see the pretty views for them though,never mind they will be dry.
Well I'm going to go now and will be back in a couple of minutes with the pics I took of my kitchen when I painted it last week.Toddle pip for now xxx