Thursday, 30 May 2013

Kitchen and Sewing.

I'm back again,you don't see me for weeks then here I am again second time in a few minutes.As I said in my last post (about 5 Min's ago) I painted my kitchen last week here are pics I took whilst I was preparing things and after it was done.I did not realise, dare I say it,how mucky it was until I washed the walls before I painted them, I had my fingers crossed that no one would visit and see the mess until I'd at least got them washed !.

      Its now nice clean and fresh looking and I'm pleased I went for a lighter colour.

      I haven't done much sewing of late (again) but Iv had my mums quilt book out and started some blocks so I have done a bit,when I have done more I will show you.The book has some lovely pics in it I could sit and look at them all day,just a couple to show you and some of my material cut out ready to sew.

            These are some bits that I have done as well will show you a better pic later.
    Well the washer has just stopped and the dinner needs preparing so I'll leave you for now and look forward to reading your comments if you wish to leave me one.Hope you are well love Jill xxx


  1. Your kitchen looks lovely, mine desperately needs a make over but I don't have the energy to do it, or rather, I should say I have other much more important things to do, e.g. sewing, crochet, tatting, reading. lol
    I like the pentagram on the wall, nice.

  2. it all looks lovely Jill, I enjoyed seeing your home and your garden x

  3. Oh dear Jilly - that dirty kitchen that suddenly revealed itself when you attacked it with hot soapy water rang a bell with me too. My kitchen is bright yellow and looks quite clean but I know that if I begin the wash it there will be an enormous tide mark.

  4. It looks so bright and airy now, Jill. I want to paint my kitchen cupboards white to make mine brighter. It looks like you've moved your table and chairs around a bit...have you?

  5. Thank you ladies for your kind comments,yes I have changed the table and chairs around Leslie. xxx

  6. Jill, I love,love your kitchen!! I think the colour is lovely, sometimes its nice to paint it in a light colour and then you can see all the lovely bits and pieces against it.We are doing our kitchen again in a couple of weeks but it will be a creamy beige colour again.
    I love your church pew too and am pestering Tony to let us have one to go with our pine table in the kitchen!!

  7. Thank you Anne for your kind comment, I love my pew I waited a long time to get one after having one a couple of houses ago and having to part with it, Im not parting with this one lol .xx

  8. You kitchen is looking so bright and fresh and it looks so much bigger with the lighter colour.

  9. It all looks so charming and pretty. As a child growing up in Australia I longed to grow up and live in a charming little cottage just like yours! Mind you I also love the light and spaces we have here too.
    Looking forward to seeingbthe quilt progress also.

  10. Hello Jill
    I love what you have done to your kitchen, It is full of your personality and prettiness, It must be a pleasure to work in..
    Happy Week
    Thea x