Friday, 4 February 2011

Some of my favourite things.

Love her.

One of my angels.

Three little bears.

My dressing table (sorry its the wrong way around).

Another angel.

And another.

Three little heart dishes and heart jug and pot.

All fit into each other.

My son bought me these,I really enjoyed reading them.

My home.

Sitting room.

Corner in the kitchen.

One of my favourite places.

Where my grandchildren sleep.

My corner where my computer lives.

Shelf in the bathroom.

Dresser on the landing.

A corner to read in.
These are a few pics around my home,hope you like them.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011


   Hello,I'm not feeling well today starting with a cold,my throat feels very sore,I just cant keep warm,and could very easily curl up in a ball and go to sleep,early night after a nice warm bath is called for I think.
   We bought a church pew at a reclamation yard a couple of weeks ago,very good condition just needed a bit of love putting into it.

   These are pictures of it before we got down to sanding the paint it had on it and after we had finished sanding and polishing,very pleased with the out come.
   I have always liked lambing chairs (if i have got that right) so am now keeping my eyes open for one,you never know might not belong before I find one.
   Bye for now,take care xx