Tuesday, 24 January 2012

B is for Bs around my home.

       Today I was going to go out for a walk and see how many things I could see Beginning with the letter B,But it is one very miserable day raining windy and cold,so I decided to potter around my home and see how many things in the house Begin with B,only a few cos I don't want to Bore you Bloggers out there.
Beads,Bangles and Braclets.

Books and Babies.
Basket,Box and Books.

Just a few of the Bags I have,my daughter once counted my Bags and her words where "Bloody hell mother you have got Billions".slight exaggeration there.

Some of my Blouse's.

More Books,some of my many cooking Books.

Bowls all sizes and colours.

Birds,Buddha,Brandy glass and Billy.

Billy when he was Born and a toddler.

My Beautiful Best friend Bridget who sadley passed away nearly 3 yrs ago,I do so miss her.

My Bed with my 3 little Bears on it.

A,few of my collection of bottles and another pic of Billy,just look at those Beautiful Big Brown eyes. Here his hair is Brown But if you look at his other pics  his hair is Blonde.

OOpps  picture is wrong way around,Bedding.


Black cat.

More Books.

And another picture of Black pussy cat Patchouli.
Hope you have enjoyed my B list it could Be a lot longer But that would Be to much for one Blog post.
Bye for now look forward to seeing your B Blog posts. Love Jill xxx
PS sorry some of my photos are not good today.xx

Monday, 23 January 2012

My Monday.

Started my day with a bit of sewing,this is my new machine.

Some lavender pillows.

Can you smell the laveender.

I love these box's.

After my sewing I had to do the ironing nearly all hubby and son stuff nothing exciting.

Then at 4pm I took my camera and went for a breath of fresh air before dark.

View of the Steam train sheds from the woods.

Do you like my wellies I bought in Glastonbury,they are doc martins,very cosy.

Wonder where that planes going.


Our village church.

Hope you enjoyed my walk I will be going for another tomorrow and will take the camera again.
Hope you are all well and having fun in what ever you are doing.Bye for now .Love Jill xxx