Tuesday, 24 January 2012

B is for Bs around my home.

       Today I was going to go out for a walk and see how many things I could see Beginning with the letter B,But it is one very miserable day raining windy and cold,so I decided to potter around my home and see how many things in the house Begin with B,only a few cos I don't want to Bore you Bloggers out there.
Beads,Bangles and Braclets.

Books and Babies.
Basket,Box and Books.

Just a few of the Bags I have,my daughter once counted my Bags and her words where "Bloody hell mother you have got Billions".slight exaggeration there.

Some of my Blouse's.

More Books,some of my many cooking Books.

Bowls all sizes and colours.

Birds,Buddha,Brandy glass and Billy.

Billy when he was Born and a toddler.

My Beautiful Best friend Bridget who sadley passed away nearly 3 yrs ago,I do so miss her.

My Bed with my 3 little Bears on it.

A,few of my collection of bottles and another pic of Billy,just look at those Beautiful Big Brown eyes. Here his hair is Brown But if you look at his other pics  his hair is Blonde.

OOpps  picture is wrong way around,Bedding.


Black cat.

More Books.

And another picture of Black pussy cat Patchouli.
Hope you have enjoyed my B list it could Be a lot longer But that would Be to much for one Blog post.
Bye for now look forward to seeing your B Blog posts. Love Jill xxx
PS sorry some of my photos are not good today.xx


  1. Fantastic Jill - great to see this - will you look round for C's next week? Fantastic idea - gives a real taste of what your home is all about! Beautiful. x

  2. Don't blame you for not wanting to go out in this weather Jilly - it is absolutely awful here today. You have found plenty of B's without stepping out of the door. Well done.

    1. Thank you Pat,hope your keeping warm xx

  3. wow! you got plenty of collections there! I'm drooling over those perfumes and jewelries...lol!

  4. Blimey! You sure have lots of B things at home. I have lots of books, actually in piles 'cuz the shelf can't hold anymore! The weather is nasty here today, too, rainy cold and windy! Staying inside to keep as warm as possible while the furnace man finishing installing the new furnace.

    abcw team

  5. that song Baubles, Bangles and Beads came to mind with this post.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  6. what a clever idea to think of everything beginning with B, well top of my list would be books,baskets,bowls, and of course bags!! have a great week.

  7. You certainly have a bounty of books, bangles and cute pictures of Billy.
    Nice work for a blustery day.

  8. That's a great idea to walk around to find words beginning with the letter that is having its turn. Your house is full of B words and I think it's a very nice house because of them. Thanks for your participation.
    Wil, ABC Wednesday team.

  9. I wondered what you could find with the word 'B' around your place. But to my surprise you have got so much stuff with the letter 'B' and thats amazing. Especially the lovely bags you carry, you really have millions of cute bags to carry out. And your collection of beads, bracelets, bangles is awesome. Your little Billy picture is very adorable and you have quite a book store in there. Enjoyed going through your 'B' letter post.


  10. I love this idea of finding things out beginning with different letters of the alphabet! I used to watch a TV show when I was little, about an old antique-ish shop. Every week, the owner used to look around for things beginning with a different letter - and I LOVED that show! I wish I could remember what it was called, so I could look it up on YouTube! Thanks for bringing back that memory!

    1. If you remember what the program is called you will have to let me know xx

  11. Hi Jilly I have enjoyed the little look around your home and your lovely things.Cant wait til you get to letter Z (Hee hee!)

    1. I may have problems with Z Anne,will have to work on it.Lol xx

  12. Raining here too, dark and miserable, roll on spring now...loved all your B's especially black cat :-) xx
    P.s arthur is fine x

  13. I really like how you approached finding B words around your home. It’s kind of like the “I spy” game but with a letter instead of a color. Very clever, indeed!

  14. What a fab idea, thank you for sharing all your pictures with the letter B. you've got me looking around my house now. ;)

    Lou xxx

  15. You do not have to go out, everything that you need is inside your home! Beautiful selection!

    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  16. Oh my, what a delightful turn of the B's in your house! Love your blouses...bags and bowls.

    That was a very clever way to use the letter B!

    Good job!

  17. you have about as many books as me! haha!

  18. You have lots of lovely things.Your bags are goregous. I like your bed with the teddies, so cute. I love books too. xx

  19. Hi Jill books baskets and bedding ! We share a love of. I too have many but do you find you use your favourites most ? I have one duvet cover that I wash and use again when there at least 6 others all white that I could use!

  20. Hi Jill,
    How fun to see all the B's around your home. Isn't it amazing how many B things we have? I really loved your pretty blouses!

  21. B is also for brilliantly eclectic....I love all your bits, makes for an interesting home.
    Nattie x