Friday, 25 January 2013

Snow is falling.

   Evening my dear friends,It is a very cold night here in the valley and we are now covered in the white stuff again.We had enough left but happily the roads where open but now looking out they are well covered,well at least we have supplies in and the fresh stuff we got today will keep us going nicely for at least a week.I had to go to the dentist for a check up this morning in Scarborough did our little shop then went to see our friends Connie and Mike.We have been friends for a lot of years but lost touch for a while but we are back on track and not leaving it again now that is for sure.They live in Robin Hoods Bay on the coast it was very cold there but no snow to speak of.On the way home the snow was blowing of the fields and causing havoc but we made it home in one piece.The wind is howling around the house tonight it sounds quite haunting and the snow has blown up and covered some of the windows.I'm going now to put some woolie socks on a long nightie that can be tucked in to the socks I bet you can just imagine the passion killers can you lol No I'm not putting a pic on.
        Keep warm and safe my friends night night god bless to you all.Love Jill xxxx
   PS I forgot to mention I lost a lb at slimming world this week bit disappointed cos I had liked on home made soup all week but at least it was