Saturday, 11 February 2012

So cold.

         Hi all you lovely people out there,isn't it just so cold ? I have tried to keep myself busy all day to keep warm but it didn't work,I was cold during the night and haven't got warm at all. I feel cold right to the bone shivery and ache every where.Think I am starting with a cold just hope it doesn't turn into man flu cos I don't think I could handle that it really is a serious ailment best keep fingers crossed.
        I am going to have a day sewing tomorrow get some of my things finished that I have been making,some bunting needs finishing,3 cushions just need a couple of buttons on them.a tea cosy needs some ribbon to finish it off and I'm going to have a go at making patch work place mats, I have an idea in my head what I want them to look like just have to see how it looks when I've cut the pieces out and pinned them together.Hopefully they will turn out how I imagine them to look then I will post some pics of them if they are good enough.
      Well I think I will go and warm some milk up add a bit of nutmeg and curl up in bed with my book,I can hardly keep my hands from shaking I'm shivering so much,hope hubby wants to go to bed as well(now its not often I go before him)he is always like a nice warm radiator so I need him to keep me warm tonight,but don't tell him.
     Hope you all keep warm tonight and sleep well.Love and hugs Jill xxx

Friday, 10 February 2012


                 Oh its cold her in north Yorkshire,even with the my feet infront of the fire and cuddled up with a blanket it is still quite chilly.It snowed again here, as it did all over the country yesterday afternoon, and it has stayed with us.The plough did go through the village last night but after freezing over night it was still with us this morning,people slipping and sliding in every direction because living in a valley you can not avoid going up or down hill.We live at the bottom of a hill so we get people in their cars trying to get up the hill.Some times its quite funny because they will just not give in and they try and try until they just have to give in then they get out kick the tyre and off they go cursing and moaning as if they are the only ones in the world that are stuck.LOL,.while we are behind the curtains grinning at them,shouldn't really.
               Pussy cat Patchouli has kept telling me all day when the fire has needed stocking up and when she is chilly( you can always rely on Patchouli)  We had a in day today as I call it and just did jobs around the house and kept warm.Now I am going to do a bit of pottering and stock the fire up to keep us warm over night and then up I go to bed and snuggle up with my book and hot water bottle,it was -4 at t time so what it is just now I dare not guess.Keep warm and cosy.Good night Love Jill xxx

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

D is for Doc Marten boots.

    When I was a teenager I wore my Docs with pride,I once got myself into trouble with the head mistress at secondary school for wearing them with my skirt in the summer time,but when winter came I put my point over to her that they where the only foot wear I had for the snow,they were not of  course but she didn't know that.I would sit every night and polish them along with my older brothers and younger brother and sisters shoes,I loved seeing them shine.
    These days Docs sure look a bit different to them a days.
           When I win the lottery I am having everyone of the following in my wardrobe, a pair to go with every outfit.

              My favourite colour.
                  I have a dress that would so go with these ones,maybe a garden party pair.
           OOOHHH I could get married again and wear these under my dress.When I was young I wanted to get married either in my Docs or my wellies, but when the day came I was sensible and wore a nice bridle pair of shoes,should of stuck to the wellies.
                    My daughter Maria had a pair just like this when she was a teenager and wore them for school because trousers where part of the uniform and they were covered up.
                        Love these.

              Now these would look lovely with skirts and dresses.
               Love, Love these ones.

              Bet these are nice and warm.
                     And these.
                    My son Jack wears ones the same as these.
                    Now these are a lovely colour for the summer with a pretty dress.
          Now these beauties are mine the ones I have been wearing this winter with jeans,with a skirt and with a dress.I bought them when we where on holiday last year in Glastonbury.They are so comfortable I forget I have them on.
          So there we are you now know a bit more about me and my fettish for Doc Marten boots.
Hope you are all well and keeping warm.Bye for now take care Love Jill xx

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Walk in the snow.

Morning all. After my breakfast and a quick tidy up it was on with the wellies,coat,scarf and gloves and off for a walk with my camera.It didn't snow any more during the night just what laid before bed time,we do have 3inchs though.Hope you enjoy my photos and its not to many.
                                          This is looking down into the river that is almost frozen over.

                                          The old grave yard.
                                          And the new one.

                                          You can see from this pic how the much the river is frozen.

                                           I think this is my favourite pic its a bit haunting,do you think so?

                                           We do have a beautiful church in our village and the bell is still rung on sunday morning before service.
                                          The railway tunnel.
                                           Looking down onto the village and train track.
                                           There are some little duck foot prints on this ice in the river,glad I dont need to walk across it.

                                          Once home I went  into the garden at the back of the house,all the little plants that were pepping through are covered over just hope they dont die now.

                                          Spot the little duck just peeping out.

                                          We have just had some of the walls in the celler dry lined and plastered,so hubby has had his paint out and white washed, then just could not resist drawing some of our favourite pagan symbols.He has made it look lovely in this part of the celler, I think when it warms up a bit I will be able to sit in there with some candles and insense burning and do my meditating,oh can not wait for warm weather.

                                           Now I am just going to make myself a cuppa and sit and read for a while before cooking dinner,the fire is so inviting the only thing is do I sit
                                         here on the sofa or
                                           here on the little stool next to the fire to warm my toes?
                                          Hope you are all having a lovely sunday and keeping warm,look forward to seeing your pics of the snow.Take care Love Jill xxxx