Tuesday, 7 February 2012

D is for Doc Marten boots.

    When I was a teenager I wore my Docs with pride,I once got myself into trouble with the head mistress at secondary school for wearing them with my skirt in the summer time,but when winter came I put my point over to her that they where the only foot wear I had for the snow,they were not of  course but she didn't know that.I would sit every night and polish them along with my older brothers and younger brother and sisters shoes,I loved seeing them shine.
    These days Docs sure look a bit different to them a days.
           When I win the lottery I am having everyone of the following in my wardrobe, a pair to go with every outfit.

              My favourite colour.
                  I have a dress that would so go with these ones,maybe a garden party pair.
           OOOHHH I could get married again and wear these under my dress.When I was young I wanted to get married either in my Docs or my wellies, but when the day came I was sensible and wore a nice bridle pair of shoes,should of stuck to the wellies.
                    My daughter Maria had a pair just like this when she was a teenager and wore them for school because trousers where part of the uniform and they were covered up.
                        Love these.

              Now these would look lovely with skirts and dresses.
               Love, Love these ones.

              Bet these are nice and warm.
                     And these.
                    My son Jack wears ones the same as these.
                    Now these are a lovely colour for the summer with a pretty dress.
          Now these beauties are mine the ones I have been wearing this winter with jeans,with a skirt and with a dress.I bought them when we where on holiday last year in Glastonbury.They are so comfortable I forget I have them on.
          So there we are you now know a bit more about me and my fettish for Doc Marten boots.
Hope you are all well and keeping warm.Bye for now take care Love Jill xx


  1. Where do you find all these lovely Doc Martens - I am very partial to long skirts, and just think they would be perfect to wear with them.

  2. Woo Hoo...I love them..is there a vegan version?
    Jane x

  3. I love those patterned ones! I haven't seen anyone wearing anything as fancy and fun as the ones you have shown, but I would if I found any.

    1. You know I love my boots - the 2 pair I bought this year are my favourites! xxxx

  4. Didn't know they came in so many colors!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  5. I want the pair with the "Rose" since that is the pet name my husband calls me!

    Love all of them, btw. Sign me up!

  6. My daughter had a pair about 15 years ago when she first started working full time. No one at work complained, but one day she went into a boutique and was so angry that the salesladies wouldn't wait on her. As she was complaining to me, I asked her if she'd looked in the mirror lately...shoes that looked like army boots, mini skirt, spiky hair, and a nose ring. She could not understand it as she was a "good" girl inside. But...unfortunately looks can impart a certain image to others. Now I love these new Docs with all the colours and patterns!

    YES...I did get your email...did you not get my reply?

  7. Cool looking shoes.

    Dolce & Gabbana

    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  8. Now these shoes are sure "kickass" ...pun mot intended

    PhenoMenon, ABCW Team

  9. a woman after my own heart!
    i have been wearing DM's for over twenty years. back then there was the limited choice so i wore black 8 holes (might have been 12...my memory isnt what it was!) then suddenly they introduced colour and i had a purple and a green pair and a pair of their monkey boots for good measure. now i have a pair of black 8 hole and for yule with money from my family i bought a new pair Triumph Shearling boots...they are gorgeous and instantly comfortable! my friend creature has the ones with the roses but they are knee high!ahh you have inspired me with a new post... ;)

  10. ohhh and they do vegan ones, my friend in yorkshire has tracked some down!

  11. I googled vegan docs and found some !!
    Jane x

  12. I love my Purple Docs.... saving for another pair. They are soooo comfortable!


  13. Don't think I shall be wearing any of these at my forthcoming wedding appearance (I am giving the bride away)!

  14. lol, I have purple ones, and brown ones, and yellow ones and deep red iones and green ones..

    ypou might have guesed, another fan here.... :-)

    Leanne x

  15. wow! am drooling...I just love that pink pair...cool!

  16. Love, love, loooooove them, how about purple ones ...... ??????
    I would love a pair. I'm doc-less at the moment, but pondering on buying a pair ; )
    Have a magical day.

  17. Well girls I think Docs seem to be the in foot wear comfort and colour and ya can wear them with anything.Love Jill xx

  18. Stunning boots--don't know if we have Doc Martens in the US. I have boots that look like the plainer ones--we call them work boots!