Saturday, 11 February 2012

So cold.

         Hi all you lovely people out there,isn't it just so cold ? I have tried to keep myself busy all day to keep warm but it didn't work,I was cold during the night and haven't got warm at all. I feel cold right to the bone shivery and ache every where.Think I am starting with a cold just hope it doesn't turn into man flu cos I don't think I could handle that it really is a serious ailment best keep fingers crossed.
        I am going to have a day sewing tomorrow get some of my things finished that I have been making,some bunting needs finishing,3 cushions just need a couple of buttons on them.a tea cosy needs some ribbon to finish it off and I'm going to have a go at making patch work place mats, I have an idea in my head what I want them to look like just have to see how it looks when I've cut the pieces out and pinned them together.Hopefully they will turn out how I imagine them to look then I will post some pics of them if they are good enough.
      Well I think I will go and warm some milk up add a bit of nutmeg and curl up in bed with my book,I can hardly keep my hands from shaking I'm shivering so much,hope hubby wants to go to bed as well(now its not often I go before him)he is always like a nice warm radiator so I need him to keep me warm tonight,but don't tell him.
     Hope you all keep warm tonight and sleep well.Love and hugs Jill xxx


  1. Hopefully, at this moment (as you're 8 hours ahead of me) you are sound asleep, warm and cosy snuggling with your hubby. Have a good day tomorrow with your sewing - I might go visit my grandchildren.

  2. hi jill. as a fellow sufferer when its cold, I feel your pain! lol. Longing now fo spring!!

    Leanne x

  3. hi jill we went out last night gor home at about 11 ish and it was -7....brrrr. so cold. hope youre feeling better soon, snuggle by the fire.... enjoy your sewing x

  4. Yes husbands do have their uses don't they. Mine is like a little furnace so I can at least get my feet warmed up. Although he moans like mad I think he secretly enjoys it.