Thursday, 16 December 2010

Xmas shopping completed.

    Today it started to snow again and more to come,so hubby and me decided it was best that we went shoping for our christmas food shop.It was a bit of a journey in the snow but not dangerous.We went to morrisons store about 30 miles away from our little village,it wasnt to busy we must of picked a good day to go,so now I just have to get some fresh vegs,bread and milk later on next week,thank goodness it is all done. It was quite a ride home in the snow but hubby got us home safe and sound, he is my hero but dont tell him.
   Last night I got my prezzies all wrapped so that is done as well now so pretty much organised just need to sort a few bits and bobs in the house then time to relax and enjoy phew!!
   Went to see my eldest grandson Billy in his nativity play earlier in the week and it was lovley,lots of very proud mums and dads with tears in their eyes my daughter and me two of them.
    Well thats it for today I am tired and need to go to my bed cuddle up with my book and drift off into the land of nod,hopefully.Night night all sleep well and keep