Friday, 20 January 2012

Sad day,Happy day.

             Just a quick post tonight to let you know how my day has gone.The funeral of Vicky my hubby's niece was beautiful.That may sound weird but it really was,she wasn't a christian so there was no hymns or prayers just a pure celebration of her life told exactly as it was,no heirs and graces. I did not cry until her son of 20yrs stood and said his piece then my tears flowed especially when he said that she is now with his brother that died at just 1mth old and it was time to share mam with him now,just how lovely is that.Then at the end they played Angels by Robbie Williams one of my most favourite songs,then that was it out came the hankie and pet lip,I just could not control it any longer.It was a very fitting send off for a young person.You look after baby Joseph up there in heaven Vicky love, and give him a kiss from auntie Jill xxx
             Well!!!!!!!!!! after that some happy day news.Denise my good pal,has been sharing her sewing machine with me,but today my wonderful hubby bought me a lovely new one. When I asked him what that was for he said "cos I love you and for supporting me",out came the hankie again.Just how nice is that,I love him and would support him if he gave me a penny lolly but best not tell him that eh!
Just a few little pics of my boys which always make me smile.Hope I have not ranted on for too long.


Love Jill xxxxxxxx

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Busy,busy busy.

           When I got up this morning I had a real spring in my step,Billy my eldest grandson stayed with us last night so it was lovely to wake up to the sound of him chatting away to me full of his excitement of going to school,lovely when they like school.After I had taken him to school I put my washing in and started making some soup,I made onion pepper and tomato which is all free food when you are on the slimming world diet and then a pasta quiche which is again free food so I can fill my face today if I want to.I then had coffee and ten minutes with my country living mag,oh I could sit all day looking at house mags.Iv changed the beds,polished and hoovered all the bedrooms and the sitting room cleaned the kitchen,I only have the bathroom to clean now and some more washing to put in then I can have five minutes with another cuppa before sorting tonight's dinner.Think Im a bit hyperactive today.
         We have hubby's Nieces funeral tomorrow which I'm not looking forward to,but who does look forward to funerals.I know my sister in law is going to be in a real mess and that will start me crying and I don't know when to stop when I start so better have a box of tissues in my pocket.It will be a sad day but I'm sure a lot of good memories will be talked about.
Billy sleeping like a baby,bless him.
       I reckon after a busy day today and a sad day tomorrow I deserve a weekend of chilling with my sewing ,what do you all think ? look forward to your comments,bye for now.Love Jill xxxx

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

A is for Assortment.

This is the assortment of goodies my daughter and me bought today for our sewing projects.

These little buttons are so sweet and such pretty colours.

Loving this assortment of materials all bright and cheerful on these cold  winter days.

Isn't she lovely,I have decided to call her Denise after my good friend over at mrsnesbiittsspace blog,I'm not at all been hurtful to Denise only she knows why I have called my new pin cushion after her.LOL

Look at the Assortment of buttons we have here all different shape, sizes and colours.

Here she is Denise with all her pretty little pins stuck in her.
Well I'm sure I will be able to make something for next weeks ABC to show you,But for now I will bid you goodbye and go and cook some dinner for my hubby and son before I get accused of neglecting them.
Bye for now keep warm.Love Jill xx

Monday, 16 January 2012


Before I tell you about this photo I must tell you about the next one.

This morning when Mr Postie knocked at my door he brought me a lovely package that I had won .I joined in a giveaway over at Kandipandi blog and was over the moon when I received notice I had won something(for the first time).Inside I found 3 lovely cross stitch magazines,2 little fridge magnets to add some sewing to,a few card mounts and a lovely felt ring its all so lovely.

This lovely card was inside with a nice message inside,doesn't the cake look delicious I could just eat on.Thank you so much KandiPandi I love it all.xx

Now back to the first photo,I have always done a bit of sewing and cross stitch but recently I have been doing a lot more and collected quite a bundle of equipment .I have lots of lovely baskets and all my sewing things have been stored in them and I haven't really had anywhere to set up.So with a bit of moving bits about in the spare bedroom and buying a desk I now have my own little craft corner.I have so enjoyed sorting my bits and bobs out and making it all look pretty that I thought I was in heaven.It doesn't take much to make me happy.

There is one long draw to keep all my needles, pins,ribbons,cottons and scissors in,all neat and tidy. I was like a little child at Christmas playing with it all.

This is my favourite cross stitch book my mum bought me 18yrs ago,Iv made quite a few things out of this one.

I love this little basket which is a home for my little hearts I have made.I have given quite a few away as presents there was a lot more,(think I got carried away making them.)

I love these books such pretty things in to make.

Had to show you this book,its a Emma Bridgewater photo album which was given to me for my birthday last year from my friend Ann.

These little boxes are sat on my new desk with buttons and bobbins for the sewing machine in them.

I'm going to have to fill my pretty baskets with something else now, it wont take me long, Im sure I will find some more nice materials to fill them.All my other materials are in pretty boxes under the bed.
My daughter Maria and me are going to start making lots of nice things to sell at some of the craft fairs this summer so I will need to buy a lot more material and accessories in the next few weeks so I will keep taking photos to show you.

The bed is still in the room It hasnt gone any where only moved over a little,my boys can still come and sleep.I think I may just sleep in here so I can look at my desk all night,no Im not quite that sad,yet,lol.

Little shelves where my sewing and alternative medicine books are,yes another part of my life.I will tell you about that another time.

My hubby bought me a crystal ball which I have wanted for a long time,and some tarot cards at christmas as part of my prezzie,so I have set them out on the dresser at the top of the stairs with some other bits that I love.
Hope you enjoy looking at my pics Iv had such a lovely evening I just had to share with you.
Look after yourselves and keep warm I will be sitting cosy warm sewing tomorrow he, he, he .
Love and hugs Jill xxx