Monday, 16 January 2012


Before I tell you about this photo I must tell you about the next one.

This morning when Mr Postie knocked at my door he brought me a lovely package that I had won .I joined in a giveaway over at Kandipandi blog and was over the moon when I received notice I had won something(for the first time).Inside I found 3 lovely cross stitch magazines,2 little fridge magnets to add some sewing to,a few card mounts and a lovely felt ring its all so lovely.

This lovely card was inside with a nice message inside,doesn't the cake look delicious I could just eat on.Thank you so much KandiPandi I love it all.xx

Now back to the first photo,I have always done a bit of sewing and cross stitch but recently I have been doing a lot more and collected quite a bundle of equipment .I have lots of lovely baskets and all my sewing things have been stored in them and I haven't really had anywhere to set up.So with a bit of moving bits about in the spare bedroom and buying a desk I now have my own little craft corner.I have so enjoyed sorting my bits and bobs out and making it all look pretty that I thought I was in heaven.It doesn't take much to make me happy.

There is one long draw to keep all my needles, pins,ribbons,cottons and scissors in,all neat and tidy. I was like a little child at Christmas playing with it all.

This is my favourite cross stitch book my mum bought me 18yrs ago,Iv made quite a few things out of this one.

I love this little basket which is a home for my little hearts I have made.I have given quite a few away as presents there was a lot more,(think I got carried away making them.)

I love these books such pretty things in to make.

Had to show you this book,its a Emma Bridgewater photo album which was given to me for my birthday last year from my friend Ann.

These little boxes are sat on my new desk with buttons and bobbins for the sewing machine in them.

I'm going to have to fill my pretty baskets with something else now, it wont take me long, Im sure I will find some more nice materials to fill them.All my other materials are in pretty boxes under the bed.
My daughter Maria and me are going to start making lots of nice things to sell at some of the craft fairs this summer so I will need to buy a lot more material and accessories in the next few weeks so I will keep taking photos to show you.

The bed is still in the room It hasnt gone any where only moved over a little,my boys can still come and sleep.I think I may just sleep in here so I can look at my desk all night,no Im not quite that sad,yet,lol.

Little shelves where my sewing and alternative medicine books are,yes another part of my life.I will tell you about that another time.

My hubby bought me a crystal ball which I have wanted for a long time,and some tarot cards at christmas as part of my prezzie,so I have set them out on the dresser at the top of the stairs with some other bits that I love.
Hope you enjoy looking at my pics Iv had such a lovely evening I just had to share with you.
Look after yourselves and keep warm I will be sitting cosy warm sewing tomorrow he, he, he .
Love and hugs Jill xxx 


  1. What a lovely 'nook', I'm very envious! My crafty station is the kitchen table, so when I'm in the midst of creating all is left & we have to eat in the living room on our laps :(

    You've lots of gorgeous goodies there, enjoy!

  2. Hey Jill
    Lovely post your room looks very cosy a nice place to sew and very tidy.....Lucky you winning a fantastic prize :)
    Have a great week and you too keep warm.
    Bright blessings
    Julie x

  3. Wonderful pictures !! I wish I had such a corner to myself ; ) I love the decorations on the dresser too !!
    Have a magical day.

  4. Hi Jill, You have a lovely place to sew and keep all your things.I can see you love to keep everything in its own (pretty) containers and are very organised. I think it all looks wonderful.
    Do you read the crystal ball and do tarot cards? When I first read your blog I thought there was something spiritual about you.Are you a healer? please tell us more! love Anne

  5. Everything looks so pretty, Jill:) I think it is important to have beauty around us, whether in the form of your pretty little hearts, cute boxes, or a well organized drawer, like you have:) I had a friend give me a box of tarot cards for Christmas! Have you used them before? I haven't and looking forward to a bit of free time to explore them. I received the Herbal Tarot by Michael Tierra and Candis Cantin. Thank you for visiting Comfrey Cottages xx Love, Leslie xx

  6. I don't suppose you'd cross the ocean and help me sort my sewing goodies? I love having my things tidy, but can't seem to quite achieve it!