Thursday, 19 January 2012

Busy,busy busy.

           When I got up this morning I had a real spring in my step,Billy my eldest grandson stayed with us last night so it was lovely to wake up to the sound of him chatting away to me full of his excitement of going to school,lovely when they like school.After I had taken him to school I put my washing in and started making some soup,I made onion pepper and tomato which is all free food when you are on the slimming world diet and then a pasta quiche which is again free food so I can fill my face today if I want to.I then had coffee and ten minutes with my country living mag,oh I could sit all day looking at house mags.Iv changed the beds,polished and hoovered all the bedrooms and the sitting room cleaned the kitchen,I only have the bathroom to clean now and some more washing to put in then I can have five minutes with another cuppa before sorting tonight's dinner.Think Im a bit hyperactive today.
         We have hubby's Nieces funeral tomorrow which I'm not looking forward to,but who does look forward to funerals.I know my sister in law is going to be in a real mess and that will start me crying and I don't know when to stop when I start so better have a box of tissues in my pocket.It will be a sad day but I'm sure a lot of good memories will be talked about.
Billy sleeping like a baby,bless him.
       I reckon after a busy day today and a sad day tomorrow I deserve a weekend of chilling with my sewing ,what do you all think ? look forward to your comments,bye for now.Love Jill xxxx


  1. hi, just found your blog, hope the funeral goes ok, it's horrible when its a younger person you feel like they got cheated out of their life. I always try not to cry at funerals, i always think the family have enough to cope with without me crying on their shoulder, but its hard when they are so so distraught :(

  2. The older one gets the more one finds that younger folk than one are dying. As Claire says, it is so sad but I don't necessarily agree about not crying at funerals. It's fair enough that one should not put your burden on those closer to the deceased by actually crying on their shoulder - it should be the other way round but a mutual cry can often be a consolation to the family that their loved one's death has significance. I don't think the 'stiff upper lip' necessarily helps anyone. Sorry, Claire - not disagreeing for the sake of it!

  3. I'm so sorry for the family's loss. But you have that darling boy with you and just look at those eyelashes! How could one not love him! Our children and grandchildren are our own futures! :D

  4. Hi Jill,
    Hope it goes ok tomorrow, I lost my sister just over a year ago, she was only 47 and that was a huge shock. It sounds as if you've been very busy today, hope you have a nice relaxing weekend with your sewing.

    Lots of love xxx

  5. Hi Jill, Hope everything has gone okay today.So sad,but life does go on and I believe when our loved ones pass over they go somewhere far more beautiful than here.
    Keep busy, sew to your hearts content.Looking forward to seeing what you have made, love Anne