Friday, 8 February 2013

Fleetwood Mac - The Chain

Oh I'm jumping for joy !! I am going to see Fleetwood Mac at the O2 London in September.I have loved them since I can remember and danced many a night away in my flowing skirts and tops to their music .Oh WOW I am just so excited,a friend of ours who lives in Bishop Stortford goes to lots of gigs and gets all the news of which groups are where and when, I told him if ever Fleetwood Mac come up which I thought just would not happen,he just had to get me tickets.Well he phoned me last weekend and said they are doing a tour and he maybe able to get tickets (sorry if I'm ranting I'm so excited).This morning he txt me to say "Yes my pet you are going to the ball"  !!! I nearly fell off of me stool I can tell you.So as you can just imagine out of the old wardrobe the old floaty skirts must come and dusted off  I actually still wear my floaty skirts,old hippy yes I know but who cares this girl is on cloud 9.Hope they sing The Chain it is my favourite.I'm counting the days now,I really really needed something right now to look forward to and this is just the lift I needed.Thank you Barry.
    Hope you are all well love and hugs Jill xx

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Boys and food!!

            Two of my favourite things and I thought the title may just make you read my post, I know you better than you thought you ladies out there in bloggy land and for any man who has tuned in you only did for the food.LOL
     Billy had stubbed the side of his foot last week and while he has being staying with us he has had me wrapping it up for him,to be far it was quite red and sore looking so Grandma came to the rescue as only Grandmas can do and out came my magic cream and a nice big bandage to make it look important,just look at that face so needing the sympathy vote he is so dramatic when he hurts himself I call him a little drama queen.

     We spent most of the weekend playing with the car track making different ones in different places,this one was the best propped up with lots of cushion's just to make it that bit higher.
   There has being lots more birds than usual in the garden this week including doves by the dozen.The pic below is of 2 of them that where sat side by side for ages in the sunshine,yes you read right we did get a couple of hours of sunshine over the weekend look at that blue sky !If you look carefully in the trees you can see how many birds where there just enjoying the sun.

     I bought a ginger man cake mould last week and this is my first attempt on monday ,just doesn't look like I had thought it would,think he had a little hemorrhage whilst he was in the oven poor little man and he looks a bit over done in parts.Just goes to show how I have got out of baking my cakes used to be lovely.
     He looks ok though now he has had a bit of a trim a coat of icing and some sprinkles on him,maybe he looks more like a snowman,oh well he did taste nice the little slither I allowed myself to have.
    Then I made a jelly with the same mould,was not given the chance to take a pic of him out of the mould he was scoffed down to quickly.
     Now for the food I can eat (lips smacking together).I made a Slimming world quiche for my dinner to have with cous cous and salad.All you need is a pkt of pasta and sauce made up with water, have milk if you want to but if doing the SW diet you don't use milk.
                  4 large eggs and a medium sized pot of cottage cheese (fat free) beaten together.
          Some veg's to put on the top.
      Put your pasta in a flan dish,eggs and cheese on top then your veg's and cook for about 40 Min's or until the eggs are cooked.

     Then I made a pot of soup with veg that I had left from the weekend,I don't put any meat in my soup if I'm making it just for me I'm not enjoying meat any more I eat a bit of chicken and still love fish but Id rather have a plate of nice fresh veg.I have tried a few veggie recipes lately and am quite enjoying experimenting,hubby and son like their meat so I will still cook it just don't fancy it anymore,maybe an age thing my body telling me I don't need it,my poor old Dad would be saying "eat ya meat it does ya good my girl" he was a butcher come meat inspector and loved his meat.

    Looks like a lovely colourful witches pot brewing on the stove.
     I said a few posts ago that I had redecorated our sitting room but could not post my photos,well I lost the photos just do not know where they have gone to they are on the computer some where but it must be a very safe place because I cannot find them.Anyway a bit fuzzy for some reason but here are 2 pics not good ones tho I am going to have to take more,the chimney breast was red before and the walls a light gold,as you can see the wall around the inside of the stove wants painting but the stove needs to be cold to do it and it takes a couple of days to cool down enough for me to get my hands in at the wall so that will have to be done in a few weeks when it is a bit warmer.I liked the red wall but the room does look clean and fresh so I am happy.

      Billy concentrating on his train books.
     Little men Lewis and Scott came to stay with us for a couple of days last week and totally tired me out,I just wish I could have just a little bit of their energy.
        Fun at bath time there was bubbles everywhere bless them.                                   Scott.
                      Lewis the bubble man.
              All ready for bed in their new matching pj's.
                   All snug,warm and sleeping soundly,wonder what they are dreaming about,how they can twist Grandma around their little fingers even more I bet.
             We had a lovely walk in the fields and woods.Lewis said we where in America as we walked up the hill to the field then when we got to the woods we where in Canada and then out of the woods we where in Glastonbury. We had being looking at some pictures the night before of different places and that is what he had in his little head,what a lovely innocent imagination he has.
                              Dancing in the mud,yes Grandma was as well.
              Some very muddy boots and knees by the time we got home.
    Little signs that spring is not too far away,Blue bells starting to appear.
         I have never seen so much Lichen as I have this winter the trees have being covered with it.
           And moss growing everywhere on logs and stones.
           Pretty snowdrops so delicate.
         I do hope you have enjoyed my Boys and food post as much as I have showing you it.Take care and warm, its a very cold windy night here on the north yorkshire moors brrrr.    Love Jill xx

Lots to do.

        Good morning people,I am sat here at the kitchen table like I have nothing to do which is so not true.Eldest grandson Billy has being staying with us for a few days only 5 as he reminded me this morning when I was getting him ready for school and reminding him that he was to go home on the little bus at home time,so as you can imagine there is toys in every nook, pencils and drawing books piled high on his little desk and more teddies in the bed than bedding,it soon goes away tho until next week when the little ones come to stay.I have done my washing but have a huge pile of ironing to do and beds to change today,the weather is dreadful hail,snow and rain one after the other so it definitely is a day for the house work.
        I went to slimming world yesterday and was dissapointed to see I had put on half a pound,I know where it has come from I have been having milkey coffees this week so no more of them,this girl is gonna loose this week !! Well the house aint gonna tidy its self so off I go,or do I have another coffee ?NO you dont you get on!
   Hope your all well and warm take care,Love Jill xx